Handle your internal wrangles with care, MMD youth advises PF

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Youth chairperson of the Felix Mutati-led MMD faction, Dauzeni Tembo has warned the Patriotic Front (PF) that it risks self-destructing if the internal wrangles and infighting that have characterized the ruling party are not curtailed.
In a statement issued to the media, Tembo has observed that the ruling party has taken the route of squabbling in public through the media a thing he said is slowly sowing seeds of discord and disunity in the ruling party.
Tembo explained that his party lost power partly due to lies and propaganda against senior party members which portrayed a party in disunity to the general public.
The Mutati MMD faction is in an alliance with the PF.
“We the youths in the MMD would like to express our concern on the recent outbursts and wrangles that have continued to be taken to the media by some senior PF members.
“It is our timely and friendly advise to our alliance partners the Patriotic Front that such wrangles if not handled with care have the potential to self destruct the party. Painfully as we speak about our loss of power but it can only be hoped that from our experience and lessons PF could draw lessons from events that led to the untimely fall of our party the Movement for Multi Party Democracy in the run up to the 2011 elections.
“MMD was and still is a good party judging by it’s track record on many issues but we owe our loss of power not only to growing unpopularity but coupled with many other reasons. Among them included Gossip, lies, negative and fake propaganda about corruption but key were internal wrangles such as the Mike Mulongoti, Shakafuswa, Lameck Mangani sagas etc that led to the self destruction of the party. With an effective opposition the party finds its difficult to recover. The biggest assets any political party has are its members who must live in harmony and unity together with their leadership,” he said.
He said internal wrangles are a recipe for disrupting the party from it’s objective to deliver development to the people.
“Internal wrangles have the potential to disrupt the focus of the party from its objective to deliver development. Wrangles rob the party of it’s limited time by swaying the attention of its leaders towards petty gossip before they realise it they are in a general election.
“Of course, there are pockets of disciplinary issues and indisciplined members within any party, but these matters ought to be handled with deliberate sensitivity and care without losing sight of what is important,” he said.
Further Tembo advised youths in the ruling party to work towards building harmony in the party as they will be the hardest hit when they lose power.
“It is within the same vein that we call upon our fellow youths in the PF to work towards harmony and avoid taking sides thereby further fueling disunity in their party. They must bare in mind that under the unfortunate circumstance that they lost power, the worst to be affected are the youths themselves and not their leaders who soon find other things to do. To the PF National Youth Chairman and his committee, we urge them to take this advise and act accordingly,” he said.

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