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GBM hospitalized as Court issues arrest order

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The court has ordered an arrest of senior PF member Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba – GBM who has been hospitalized at a private hospital in Lusaka.

And Mwamba’s family have complained against what they allege the Executive orders to ensure he (GBM) Is blocked from leaving the country to access medical healthcare.

In a Facebook update on Thursday, 8th May 2024, Mwamba posted pictures of him admitted to a private hospital in Lusaka.

Grateful for the visits by chairman of UKA, Hon Sakwiba Sikota SC and Mr. Kelvin Bwalya Fube, KBF, President ZMP and my attorney.

Below is a message from my family to who this may concern.

As family of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, we are now concerned with the treatment that he is receiving from state organs with regards his health. We believe that this is so, because of orders from the executive and a few individuals holding absolute authority and are directing officers from other branches of government to carry out their desires and overlook his human rights to receive medical care, whether outside the country or within by showing callousness to his condition.

Despite the ACC denying him exit to a pre-arranged appointment and for medical treatment in South Africa,at KKIA, they now seek and have issued a bench warrant to have him incarcerated just when he is being attended to with a grave condition in a local health facility.

This lack of empathy from all involved in this scheme is scandalous and stinks of not providing justice but to have him suffer for more than the allegation laid on him in the court and unfortunately its ‘ he who pays the piper calls the tune’ and they seem to ignore that soon and very soon, things a bound to change and matters that were done out of appeasement will come and haunt them.

GBM, is an established citizen and not a flight risk and has always been a patriotic member of our country with visible investments in this very country and not forgetting that he did popularize certain personalities and organizations using his hard earned resources and his popularity too, even in no go areas that were evidently pronounced.

We as family, will no longer sit back and keep quiet at the whims of those playing the pipe continue to be inhumane and those dancing to the tune to throw away logic and constitutionalism. Enough is indeed enough.


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