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Dog sausage on the market

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According to latest information on this developing story, Police have in their custody two males and one female, all Zambians while a fourth suspect is on the run.

Working with veterinary officials this evening, Police in Chingola conducted a raid where unscrupulous butchers were arrested for supplying sausage processed from dog meat.

An online publication Kalemba reports that sources close to the investigation have told its publication that the dog sausage processing business was being done in Kapisha Compound of the mining town.

The sausage is said to have found its ways to various butcheries as well as local restaurants and eventually on people’s dinner plants through a businessmen who bought in bulk.

Some of the sausage was also supplied in the boarder town of Kasumbalesa where it is regarded nutrious delicacy amongst neighbouring Congolese.

Police have so far rescued three dogs that were earmarked for slaughter while two carcases have also been retrieved.

Authorities are yet to give an official statement on the matter.


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