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With Professor Dr. Edgar Nyanga

Professor Dr. Edgar Nyanga

The prime roles of the media, are to inform, entertain, interpret and most importantly to educate, Zambian Eye, in that quest welcomes our readers to the education column called Education Corner, to be hosted by Professor Dr. Edgar Nyanga.

It is a common phenomenon that many people world wide, especially the youths have problems in identifying what they wish to be in future and this brings fear of the unknown, fear of what the future holds. 

In this column, we will share authoritative and solution based content on a wide scope of topics ranging from Research, Carrier Guidance and Development in relation to Education. The column will also cover current industry oriented guides and how people can take advantage of the current situation and trends. 

The column will also share expert advice on how best the nation can make its education system relevant to the demands of the day now and in the future. Articles will be appearing once a week on Tuesdays. 

As Zambian Eye we strongly believe in media being a two way highway, and in that scope, readers are free to make comments and/ or propose certain topics they wish to be covered in line with education. Look forward to more interactions. 

Brief Profile of Professor. Dr. Edgar Nyanga

Prof. Edgar Nyanga is a Researcher, Consultant, Adviser and a Lecturer at different institutions including University of Zambia, University of Africa, and Supershine University. He holds two (2) PhDs in Agricultural Economics and Project Management. He has three (3) Masters’ Degrees in Educational Leadership and Management, Project Management and Agricultural Economics. He holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce biased in economics. 

Prof. Edgar Nyanga has two diplomas in Teaching Methodology, Finance and Accounting with several certificates. He has been involved in Agricultural related projects, community projects and has contributed vastly in curriculum and policy development for individuals and institutions as a well vested Academician. He has worked with different individuals and organizations at managerial level. 

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