University partnership key to development of Education in Africa

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As the saying goes two are better than one. Or an African proverb says one finger cannot catch lice from a child’s head. This is exactly what University of Zambia and Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies have realized?

The two institutions have signed a MoU to offer degree in Investment, Human Resources, Accountancy, Financial Services, Computer and Accountancy Studies. This partnership has come at the time many Zambians were wondering how long Zambia would continue to depend on foreign education.

One of the million questions that a number of individuals in Zambia, Africa and society at large were asking is on education. A number of individuals continues to query if education in Africa is equal to education in advanced economies like USA,UK,Germany,Canada and Australia . Many commentators have also wondered if graduates from Africa should receive the same status as those of their colleagues from UK,USA,Canada,Germany and Australia.

Sometimes it was very embarrassing to see that in certain cases graduates emanate from Africa were subjected to a lot of evaluation before a job offer was given as compared to their colleagues from Europe and America. The grading of African qualification is also another case to wonder. A degree from Zambia is graded as a higher diploma Level 5 under UK qualification framework while Masters from Zambia is graded as a full honours degree.

This qualification drama is also prevalent among the local people. A Zambian graduate from Europe would walk with their shoulders high as compared to their colleagues with local qualification. Sometimes, the graduates from international institution boast that their education was better than what their local colleagues obtained from local institution.

It is because of such cases that a lot of Zambians were running to countries like South Africa, UK, Malaysia, USA and Australia for school. Zambians have also seen learning institution in Zambia had partnered with foreign universities so that they could ride on their shoulders.

So, the biggest question that many Zambians were asking is for how long Zambia will continue to depend on foreign institutions to educate its own citizens. Therefore, this week I wish to congratulate the University of Zambia and Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) for the milestone  achievement. ZCAS and UNZA have partnered to develop education brands that would benefit a number of Zambians to have quality qualifications.

ZCAS and UNZA have vowed to provide a new dimension in Zambian education system. This is why the two institutions have started by first drafting qualification that would equip teachers at secondary school teach the pupils as qualified individuals. It has always been embarrassing to see teacher with no qualification in Accountancy, IT and Law teach these course at school. It is also the same among lawyers. some of the lawyers prosecuting commercial case had no professional training in commercial law.

The partnership will also see UNZA and ZCAS introduce high profile qualification such BA in Investment Management, BA financial services and BA Commerce. As UNZA Don noted the partnership between ZCAS and UNZA is aimed at benefiting a number of Zambians to have access to quality education. The two institutions have pledged that they would continue to develop programmes that were aimed at developing the Zambian economy.

This initiative is a milestone achievement in the Zambian education. Many Zambians hope to see many universities in Zambia collaborate strategically. So university partnership is key in developing education in Africa. Partnership like the one ZCAS and UNZA had signed up should be encouraged so that qualification from Africa can also be equal to the qualification from UK, USA and  Germany.




Kelvin Esiasa – President for Zambia Society for Public administration and Society for Family Business.


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