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Coach impregnates 15 year old player

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Kaluba Kangwa

By Augustine Mukoka

Zambia Under-17 women’s soccer team coach Kaluba Kangwa is allegedly one of the main culprits in the FAZ sex scandal. Kaluba, who is a church elder in Lusaka, allegedly impregnated and fathered a child with a 15-year-old soccer player.

Kaluba is named in the recent email that I published as having taken advantage of his position at his organization – Bauleni United Sports Academy (BUSA) – to abuse vulnerable minors some of whom he allegedly impregnated and forced to abort.

Additional information indicates that Kaluba admitted responsibility for the pregnancy of the 15-year-old Lusaka girl and promised to support the child.

Kaluba also met the parents of the victim. In fact, the mother of the victim is or was a teacher in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area (I understand a head teacher at Kabulonga Girls High School).

Education Through Sport (EduSport) founder Professor Oscar Mwaanga allegedly brokered a peace deal between Kaluba and the parents of the victim. You may wish to know that I have known Prof. Mwaanga since 1999.

Prof. Mwaanga worked with my late uncle Mr. Lewis Nkandu (MHSRIP) in establishing EduSport. Others who founded EduSport with Prof. Mwaanga are Mr. Kabanda Mwansa, Mr. Bwalya Mwamba, Mr. George Siakutela and Coach Ben Tembo, among others.

Because of this background and since Prof. Mwaanga is not named in the email and was not initially linked to the issue, I reached out to him via WhatsApp on Sunday, September 25, 2022.

Prof. Mwaanga is Director for the International Sports Management program at the University of London and my exchange with him was as follows.

I wrote, “Good afternoon or is it evening boss, how are you doing? This is Augustine Mukoka.”

Prof. Mwaanga immediately responded, “My Bro, am well. I am proud of you sir for your courage to speak out, to serve and protect the vulnerable via sport. May our lord bless you and safeguard you.”

I responded, “Thank you my brother… Your name has come up prominently in hushing the situation Kaluba Kangwa had with the girl at BUSA in 2013. What details do you have? What role did you play?”

Prof. Mwaanga responded, “Lets us agree a time to speak.”

I then responded, “No worries. What’s the best time for you?”

Graciously, Prof. Mwaanga has returned my call. I just got off a 20 minute conversation with Prof. Mwaanga with the last hour.

Prof. Mwaanga has confirmed the widespread sex scandal in Zambian sport including Kaluba’s escapades. He has said he is willing to testify before an independent inquiry into the sex scandal that has engulfed Zambian women football.

Prof Mwaanga also confirmed that he played a role in ensuring Kaluba takes responsibility of the child he had with the minor.

I have asked Prof. Mwaanga some tough questions. But he says he will be safer to give all the information to an independent inquiry.

Suffice to state, he has said it all.

If anyone can’t see any problem in the information I am publishing, including sports minister Elvis Nkandu, we must question ourselves. What type of people and country are we?

Kaluba is still Zambia under-17 coach (he has been in that position for almost 10 years now). Just how is this happening in the face of these allegations? I am sure this information is known or can be disputed by the likes of – Annie Namukanga (formerly of EduSport and a former Zambia women’s national team captain).

Namukanga is currently FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala’s special assistant. If Namukanga is unaware, FAZ technical director Lyson Zulu must be fully aware of Kaluba’s gross misconduct.

So, why is Kaluba still playing an influential role at FAZ dealing with the same teenagers he has allegedly abused over the last decade or so?

If Lyson is not aware, Mr. Kamanga – as chairman of the FAZ Football Development Committee – can’t plead ignorance on the issue.

Or indeed if this information is false, I challenge Mr. Kamanga to hold a press conference before the end of business today and look straight into the camera and address my person in the following fashion, “Mukoka, you are an enemy of Zambian football. You have been sponsored by the PF to destablize Zambia’s World Cup dream. I am a father of a girl child and I would NEVER allow such a thing to happen near me.”

Come on Mr. Kamaga, say those words! If you’re a man of integrity go public and deny these allegations which have been confirmed by Prof. Mwaanga.

If Mr. Kamanga can confidently, truthfully and sincerely respond by quoting exactly what I have written with a straight face, it will be academic to set up an independent inquiry.

I will just have to continue publishing what he claims are falsehoods so that one day the girls will get justice.

In the meantime, I expect an independent investigation into this sex scandal to begin in earnest because tomorrow I will share some graphic details of the senior women’s national team and the sex scandal at that level.

I insist that the inquiry is a matter of urgency. Let’s begin these investigations now and save the girl child.

While these investigations are underway, suspend all the culprits named in the scandal if they are connected to any team starting with Kaluba Kangwa effectively immediately.

Shalom, shalom.


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