Chilufya Tayali picked by police detectives

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Chilufya Tayali

Reports reaching this publication suggest that Economic and Equity Party president Chilufya Tayali has been arrested.

Tayali announced that people in plain clothes and claiming to be police detectives have approached him while in Livingstone and forced him to accompany them to their offices.

Meanwhile, the police is yet to confirm the development.

He has since urged them not to treat him as a criminal adding that he is not on the run.

“I am a man of fixed abode with a family that I love very much, with a bright future in this Country to which I am very patriotic to, so I can never be a fugitive.

“Since I arrived back into the Country, by road,  the police have launched a manhunt, checking vehicles in strategic areas, in Livingstone, inconveniencing other citizens, which is absolutely not necessary.

“I have communicated to my lawyers (Makebi Zulu) and they have informed the police so that they can tell us when I should appear before them for whatever case they have against me.

“I am not a criminal to fear the police, all I do is speak for people and offer checks and balances, if that is a crime, then I  am ready to go to jail but as prescribed by the law.

“So, please Bakapokola, leave me alone, I reach home and see my family, and I will be available for you,” says Tayali.

Apparently, yesterday Tayali posted on his Facebook account that some people were hunting him down.

He implored such people to desist from chasing after him, saying he didn’t want to be punished to retaliate.

“Why are you haunting for me like a criminal inconveniencing other innocent citizens. You know I am in the Country and my lawyers will contact you for me to come for whatever you want me for.

“There is no need of harassing me and others as if I am a criminal. These are the kind of things that make others bitter and fight back, before you know it, a Country is unstable.

“I am gone, keep searching, I was even watching you as you were hassing citizens.


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