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Can Zambians trust Hakainde Hichilema?

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UPND leader Hakainde Hichiema

UPND leader Hakainde Hichiema

By Manowa Kampila

I am writing this commentary with the full knowledge that it may not go well with UPND hard liners on this forum but that’s democracy.

It doesn’t help UPND supporters to bury their heads in the sand in an ostrich fashion and hope that one day Zambians will just wake up, join a queue and make Hakainde Hichilema commonly known as HH their President. In as much as it is a considered view that Zambians have a short memory, I don’t think their memory lapse is that bad as to forget what happened yesterday.

Zambians have not forgotten that the coming of HH on the political scene was not out of desire to serve ones people but merely a response to an attractive opportunity availed on a silver platter. Memories of activities and pronouncements that preceded his ascendance to his current position are still fresh in the minds of Zambians.

Zambians have not forgotten how the Likes of Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga, Patrick Chisanga were denied an opportunity to offer leadership to a party they so much labored for on a simple account of belonging to other tribes other than “the preferred tribe” by then. To date none of the UPND top leaders have come out in the open to apologize for championing a tribal agenda. The slogan “Only a tonga can succeed Mazoka” still reverberates in the minds of Zambians every time they approach the polling cubicle.

Zambians have not forgotten that the current president was a darling of HH during the short lived pact. We still remember vividly how HH protested the harassing of Sata in Solwezi during the campaigns of a by-election. He called him his elder brother and that only UPND and PF had the agenda for Zambia.

The moment it became apparent that UPND was not going to have the pact presidency, Sata was painted black. We were told how uneducated and old the current president was. We were further told that Sata is not to be trusted and that he would not last three months in State house if voted for. Now you see Zambians don’t forget that easily as perceived, they pieced all this together and made up their minds as they approached the voting compartment.

Zambians have not forgotten that HH and UPND stood on mountains calling RB and MMD corrupt and violent. But contrast this with their behavior towards and after the 2011 general elections. One would be excused to conclude that persons who were attacking MMD as being corrupt and violent were impersonators that need to be arrested for impersonating. Their stance on MMD leaders took a complete U turn. Zambians have not forgotten the terror Willam Banda unleashed towards and during 2011 elections and seeing this man stand behind HH as his special advisor is like adding salt to a fresh wound.

Thinking that the elections of 2016 will see the reversal of fortunes for UPND is not different from a starving man who sleeps dreaming that he is eating a heft meal and hopping that when he wakes up his stomach will be full.


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