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Politicians take heed, a Zambian Voters is an emotional and spiritual being

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VoterBy Chewe Mubiana

As I stated in my Friday 10th April 2014 Article, I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out the psyche of a stereotypical Zambian voter.

I have been trying to understand the decision-making process of an average Zambian voter. In this article, allow me to look at the spiritual nature of a stereotypical Zambian voter. In this segment, my views are based on my own analysis of Zambian voters and may not sit well with your views. However, hear me out! I wish to start by saying that Zambia is “dangerously and pretentiously a Christian conservative country”. You must be wondering why I say “dangerously and pretentiously a Christian conservative country”? Well; here is my position.

I do not for a second believe that Zambia is a Christian Nation in the strictest sense of the word. First of all, Zambians are among the most liberal people one can ever come across. They love their beer, sex, football, gossiping, back-biting, stealing, lying and envious!!! To be honest, there is no virtue which one can find in Zambian society which points to it being a Christian Nation. With the rot that is going on in this country, calling Zambia a Christian Nation is an insult to Jesus Christ and to Christianity. I shall leave this topic for another day! This article aims to illuminate on why I feel Zambians voters are spiritual beings in their decision-making.

As insane as it sounds, Zambian voters think that Jehovah, Jesus and the Holy Spirit go with them in the polling booth when they cast their vote. In fact, stereotypical Zambian voters do not believe it is within their powers to decide who becomes their leader! A Zambian voter believes that God in collusion with Jesus Christ and all the angels sit down and conspire to confuse the Zambian voter to sometimes vote stupidly an irresponsibly. According to this highly spiritual Zambian voter, it is God’s will to have thieving Presidents. It is God’s desire to have sick Presidents. It is God’s will to have drunkards and lazy people for Presidents. According to this highly spiritual Zambian voter, God has some warped and perverted sense of humor that he sits on his Royal Chair smiling at the stupidity of it all, whilst conspiring to confuse the minds of the Zambian voters to vote stupidly. What a façade!

Of course rational thought suggests that God has nothing to do with it! God does not help Zambian voters in their spirituality to vote irresponsibly. The truth of the matter is that a Zambian voter is delusional in his spirituality. The Zambian voter has lied to himself so many times that he actually believes God has something to do with his choices at the ballot box. As they say, when one lies to oneself for so long, even the most perverse and ridiculous of lies begin to sound true! It is not unusual to find a voter justifying a stupid decision by saying, “God anoints leaders”! I would not be surprised if the spiritual Zambian voter would justify a leadership which comes out of a violent and bloody military coup d’état as the will of God! After all, God anoints leaders!

In the end, what Zambians are is not really spiritual beings in terms of their voting decisions. The real truth is that Zambians are “dangerously and pretentiously Christian and conservative. The use of spiritual and moral undertones is simply a convenient way to mask the real truth of the voting patterns based on HATE and JEALOUSY! Going to Church does not make one Christian. In fact, being Christian itself does not make one a superior being to a Muslim, a Buddhist or an Atheists! If Zambians were truly spiritual and Christian in their voting decisions, they would not be fixated on discriminating against those perceived not to be Christian. Jesus was a Jew. But he did not have any issues with the people of Samaria or the Gentiles. The high levels of intolerance in Zambian politics points to the fact that we are simply a highly pretentious, immoral and unchristian bunch of people! POLITICIANS, KINDLY TAKE HEED!


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