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Half-naked protestors: UPND must stop abusing Women

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UPND Women protesting

UPND Women protesting

By Kennedy Phiri

Using Women as Tools for Political Sympathy: STOP ABUSING WOMEN

Zambia has laws that guarantees individual and group right to register their displeasure/dissatisfaction on matters relating to fundamental human rights.

However, the use of women, paraded half naked for cameras, as a means to express a dissatisfaction, is totally inhuman, immoral and demeaning to women folks.

In their quest to gain political sympathy, HH and UPND leaders chose to use half naked women, for their appeal. That was wrong and UPND leadership should have issued a statement condemning the act or to dissociate the party from that indecent exposure by those women. Because UPND issued no statement against the act, it simply means, the ladies had blessings of HH and UPND.

Those are mothers, aunties, sisters and wives to people. Just because non of the wives or relatives of UPND leaders, were paraded half naked, should never have made that act right. If the UPND leadership believed in the cause, they should have demonstrated that by having those half naked group of ladies be led by wives of senior UPND leaders.

Stop abusing women, it is wrong.


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