Zambian ‘vuvuzelas’ must respect the legend

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A crucial football match like the one we had against Guinee Bissau can be a very emotional experience. The tension towards the end of the game caused by the rare mistake by Mweene, causing us to concede heightened the tension. The frustration was normal but to castigate Mweene for that was not only disrespectful and also show how few people follow the game. Clearly there are those who are real soccer fans and those who are mere vuvuzelas or cheer boys who wait for goals.

We forget have easily forgotten how Mweene kept us in the two final games at the Africa Cup 2012 by saving a penalty in each. In those games we were on the back foot for 90 minutes but resilient.

The role Mweene played in the last game cannot be diffused by one mistake neither should that mistake warrant a change in the goal keeper. Here listed below are some things vuvuzelas won’t notice Mweene contribute to the team.

1. Somebody told me that Mweene talks too much, really. A keeper has limited time to organize his defenders and set them in the right man marking or zonal marking at any time. He is the only player qualified to do that because he has the best view of the players. Ask yourselves why we didn’t concede from a corner despite all the Guinee Bissau players being taller than ours?

2. When Mweene picks up the ball, one thing he does well is distribute it accurately and this allows his team to quickly launch an attack and sometimes a counter attack.

3. As a sweeper Mweene did well last night unless the vuvuzelas have forgotten those split passes Guniee Bissau was making which he managed to read and clear by running off his line.

4. Mweene is good for young debutant defenders as he may give tips they can learn from.

5. Mweene’s experience at moment is vital as he understand most opponents’ style of play and footballing culture; surely you don’t want to lose that at this stage.

6. Kennedy Mweene is good with his feet and that give his defenders confidence to make back passes when under pressure

7. Mweene is one of the best penalty stoppers, this is one thing you need when playing away as most home time easy get penalties in high pressure games.

8. Most people calling for Mweene throat don’t even have a clue who is next in line, only real soccer fans do.

9. Lastly the guy is a leader, he is humble, he communicates on the pitch and is confident which ever strike force he has to face.

Give the legend some respect and have some courtesy of letting him decide his own time. The Egyptians did it for Essam El Hadary at 45 years old and it was a beautiful retirement. So next time ma vuvuzela try to watch football with your mind as well, not emotions only.

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