‘Zambia will continue to face electricity challenges as long as tariffs remain low’

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Western Power Energy, a Zambian owned company has charged that the country will continue facing load-shedding for as long as electricity tariffs remain low, reports Phoenix News.

Company Chairperson, Sipho Phiri tells Phoenix News that Zambia’s rapid population growth demands an increase in power generation but that this will not be a reality because electricity tariffs are inadequate to support new power generation projects by ZESCO.

He has since called on the general public to desist from attacking ZESCO whenever it applies for an upward adjustment for electricity tariffs stating that the power utility company understands what it takes to meet the power demand.

In March this year, ZESCO applied to the energy regulation board to revise upwards, retail electricity tariffs upwards.

ZESCO’s proposal included the downward adjustment of the lifeline tariff from 200kwh to 100kwh and elimination of the monthly fixed charge for residential and commercial customers.


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  1. It is not true plz do not mislead the Nation

    June 21, 2019 at 8:37 pm

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