Zambia today, same as Germany under ‘dictator’ Hitler

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By Ackim Mweemba

“On one occasion, so it was narrated, Stalin called for a live chicken and proceeded to use it to make an unforgettable point before his closest comrades-in-arms.

Forcefully clutching the chicken in one hand, with the other he begun to systematically pluck out its feathers. As the chicken struggled in vain to escape, he continued with the painful undressing act until the bird was completely stripped.

“Now you watch,” Stalin said as he placed the chicken on the floor and walked away with some bread crumbs in his hand. Incredibly, the fear-crazed chicken hobbled toward him and clung to the legs of his trousers.

Stalin threw a handful of grain to the bird, and it begun to follow him around the room.

He turned to his dumbfounded colleagues and quietly said, “This is the way to rule the people. Did you see how that chicken followed me for food, even though I had caused it so much torture? People are like that chicken. If you inflict unreasonable pain on them they will follow you for food the rest of their lives.”

Each time I read these stories about Joseph Stalin and others like Adolf Hitler, my heart dreads and cannot believe that a person who claims to be a Christian like His Excellence, the President of the Republic of Zambia Edigar Chagwa Lungu can resort to such brutal tactics to ensure he holds on to power.

Indeed, it is disgusting that in these modern times, we can embrace the tactics of dictators of Europe in the 1920s. Zambia deserves better.

The President has deliberately neglected to grow the productive sectors of our economy so that we continue having an army of unemployed youths who are easy to manipulate.

One wonders why with all the abundant land and water bodies Zambia is endowed with, our agriculture sector is not viable when in the past, this sector provided food and created employment for our women and youths.

Agriculture remains the only window out of poverty for mother Zambia, this is a biblical principle that worked well for Egypt under the great king pharaoh (the famous dream of seven fat cows and seven thin cows that was later interpreted by a Jewish man Joseph).

Our governance institutions are no longer responsive, consensus oriented, equitable and inclusive, participatory, effective and efficient, accountable, transparent and do not follow the rule of law.

These once vibrant institutions have been weakened and ultimately compromising the quality of the lives of our citizens. Everything done by these institutions is to please the master, the citizens are now secondary.

The danger of this behaviour is that we as a country are destroying the fabric of our future society.

The youths who cannot be employed today will be a burden on us tomorrow and those who today we are using in political violence will be the leaders tomorrow, I wonder to what extent they will embrace the principle of good governance in their governance structures. The country needs to be saved from further degenerating into a failed state.

As you read stories about Adolf Hitler and holocaust, you see Hitler hating a certain section of society to the extent of wanting to exterminate them from the surface of the earth.

This is what you see in President Lungu towards a certain section of society in Zambia. He has been disadvantaging certain regions of our country in terms of development and indiscriminately retiring in public interest most of the civil servants hailing from those regions.

We also see unnecessary transfers that are aimed at punishing public workers perceived to be supporters of certain political parties.

Adolf Hitler’s stories are only told so that society can learn and find a way of avoiding those heinous acts that discriminates others in society. They are not meant for civilised societies like ours to practice them.

Joseph Stalin came up with a brutal political campaign called GREAT PURGE to eliminate or execute anyone he considered a threat to his hold on power something we are witnessing with President Lungu particularly on the leader of the United Party for National Development (UPND) Hakainde Hichilema.

It is unfortunate that politics which is supposed to be war of words or ideas is becoming so dangerous that we even forget that we are one Zambia one Nation.

Probably now is the time to quote a wise saying amidst the growing division in our beloved country that, “Despite our differences, much more unites us than what divides us.”

The blood that flows in you comrade ECL is the same blood that flows in comrade HH; this has been inculcated in us by those that came before us.



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