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If not with us, then our enemies within

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Hichilema with President Lungu

By Kelvin Musonda


Zambian politicians need to get it through their heads that just because someone doesn’t agree with you does not make them opposition or an enemy out to bring you down.

That is just pure paranoia. Sometimes the people making criticism or those observations are actually people on your side who are just trying to make you do better because they believe Zambia is endowed with just wealth of human and natural resources to be where it’s at after 56 years of being independent.

If you see the big picture then you should understand that we are all on the same side,which is Zambia.

It is a very big problem that can only be explained as paranoia.

When you have a government that labels every person who criticizes them as being opposition or an enemy of some sort.

Paranoia,which by definition is an extreme and unreasonable feeling that other people are going to harm you or that they have a bad opinion of you.

The attitude that has precisely defined most of these people.

This paranoia has now even turned into a catalyst for”dictatorial tendencies” as someone so rightly put it.

As now our human rights are being stepped on in the name of whoever wants to protest or express their opinion in a manner that does not favour the government of the day is accused of being an opposition party supporter or someone being paid by such to cause distabilization.

Something that in most cases is not even true.

Marcus Garvey in his poem,The Rise of the Negro writes;To rise and demonstrate en masse,is to make the oppressor think. And so the negro in his class,sends forth his message to the King.

The King,a symbol of the state,sends forth his men to find out what’s wrong.And back comes word of awful fate.
On which the lives of men do hang.

The state assumes it’s task at last,and makes an effort to amend the wrongs that reigned throughout the past. By giving heed,though laws defend.

It’s obvious,that in this powerful poem Garvey was appealing to governments,leaderships and all those in positions of power tasked with serving people,to let people carry out their protests and air out their grievances.As this is the only way wrongs are made right.

So it is very disappointing that those in power,especially those that brag to be part of a listening government and so on can’t let people air out their views through their democratic rights without being accused of being funded by the opposition or being agents of destruction paid to cause discord and make them only look bad to the outside world.

Well,if that is your fear/or the case,then you are doing that job very successfully yourselves. Who makes the country look bad between the citizens seeking to simply air out his views or the leader getting in his way using dictatorial tendencies??

  • Author Kelvin Musonda is a Zambian filmmaker, teacher, writer and data entry specialist


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