Zambia police recruitment crisis!

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There is no way we can be failing to create employment for our people after 53 years of independence.

Is it the poor quality of our leaders we choose in higher officers?.Is it the education back ground of our leaders in higher officers, the fact the most of them on average are certificate holders from unrecognised institution?.

Is it making sense that most of our industries are disfunctional despite borrowing more than $9 billions in loan?

The biggest questions we need to start asking ourselves as a country is how was the $9 billion we borrowed used for ?Where is the 2 euro bonds we borrowed ?.Its general knowledge the roads built are of poor quality and the amounts used are not adding up.

If today we were to do comprehensive independent audit on the road infrastructure would realise that this could be the world biggest economic scandal.

Maybe the money borrowed have just enriched the few individuals who have invested outside the country. It does not make sense we borrowed more than $9 billion as a country yet create zero jobs or few jobs .

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary Party


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