Shame on PF’s China-centric policies

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The government is now blatantly calling their own citizens xenophobic for speaking against the Chinese dominance. The Chinese employers who kill them, shoot them, under pay them and mistreat them. Zambians are simply demanding for business opportunities in construction and land ownership but are being called anti-china. Why are they quick to label us anti-china in our own country, where we are inherently supposed to be their first priority. Lusaka mayor told Zambians that there is no land for burial sites, but the Chinese easily found one. They banned mukula exports but facilitated the smuggling of mukula to china. They say all projects below 80% will be stopped, but the president loudly exempted the chinese projects from austerity restrictions. Why should the politicians’ appetite to win elections benefit only china and their pockets? Where is the development, if Zambians are getting minimum wage in shopping malls, K30 per day from construction companies and china is coming with its own labour for jobs that Zambian’s can do. Foreign Direct Investment does not mean Foreign Direct emplyment. ZNBC now can’t control their commercial functions as a result of China controlled Topstar. China owns 90% of all road contracts and Zambian contractors have be reduced to road cleaners and roadside slashers. China is expected to takeover significant commercial functions of ZESCO, KKIA and Ndola Airports due to the predatory loans that government has acquired. Where is the benefit? Where is the value for money?

“One Zambia, two nations”

Richard W


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