Why PF is hypocritical about violence

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It is sad to hear talk about violence in the upcoming mayoral election even before we hear the manifestos. We can argue as long as we can on who is more violent than the other, but only one individual has the most power, resources at his disposal and duty to end violence. That’s why he is called the commander in Chief. How hypocritical can one be, he demands for recognition as president from his rivals but fails to exercise his duty as commander in chief? It’s needless to debate on who is violent between UPND and PF when the duty and ability to protect all citizens from harm lies with the state. If preventable violence breaks out and culprits are left scot free, it’s the fault of police, home affairs and the commander in chief for failing in their duties. Zambia should direct the blame to the real abetters of violence as opposed to pointing fingers at each other. PF violence is sponsored by the state using tax payers money and this road we are on is only leading to death for any citizen in harms way. The continuation of violence depicts Lungu has a weakling who needs violence to stay in power as opposed to free choice elections.

Richard W.


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  1. Mr president ku musula fye

    June 28, 2018 at 6:13 pm

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