Why Miles Sampa should be Lusaka Mayor

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In a divided country, it has become convenient on many matters to simply be what your political party is. This has prevented many Zambians from actually voting based on Character or ability. If the candidate is UPND and I belong to UPND then I will vote for them. However, there are certain personalities in Zambian politics that I think deserve to be scrutinized on their abilities regardless of their political affiliation. I looked at the inventory of candidates who are running for Mayor for Lusaka, and without a doubt Mr. Miles Sampa is the right person. This is a character opinion; he has simply proven far much more than the rest that he can elevate Lusaka City. Without a doubt, he put Matero Constituency on the map and initiated programs that added value to the constituency. His abilities in his personal life have shown that he is more than capable.

The Mayor of Lusaka has to be a sales guy. SOMEONE who can sell the city to the world. Not only quantitatively but in a creative way. Miles Sampa has that creativity and it can be shown with his initiative in Matero to provide taxis for his constituency.  Not only does have a creative mind, but he has charisma that will attract the right bi-partisan workmanship that can build the city of Lusaka. A Mayor is an executive manager, hardly a politician. And Miles Sampa is not the most divisive person; and he is certainly willing to work with other people. Even in his parliamentary times, he was not divisive and focused more on policy than insult-politics.

Miles Sampa is the right person for Mayor of Lusaka. He has the creativity, the intelligence and a proven track record of what he can do. I do not think at the moment experiments are needed, a more seasoned, stable mind is needed for Lusaka. And Miles Sampa can provide that optimism to the people of Lusaka City.

George “Papa G” Mtonga

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


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  1. Why does Zambianeye rely on American Zambians to provide opinions and critiques on politics and politicians? The insights of locals would be so much more in tune with the on the ground reality.
    No offense to George Mtonga, but I would rather hear from someone in Lusaka about what Lusaka needs rather than someone in Atlanta.

    July 8, 2018 at 2:23 pm

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