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Why it’s difficult for us to create wealth

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By Dr Lubinda Haabazoka

I have written a lot of articles on why it’s difficult to create wealth in Zambia and if ever we shall produce the first billionaire. I think it’s very important that we continue talking about this topic because it pains to see us struggle when other people are doing really good.

The following are the things we should take note and improve on:

– In Zambia we frown upon wealth. We seem to be allergic to rich people. Trust me, the fact that one is poor doesn’t guarantee that you will be in heaven! The parable in the bible about talents simply teaches that God wants us to live a rich life. The first barrier to creating wealth is to understand that being poor is very not healthy!

– Wealth doesn’t come by luck! It’s very rare that one is rich by luck! You need to put in the hard work! History has confirmed that those that have won lotteries have blown their money in a short period! So wealth comes as a result of hard work!

– Laziness. Am sorry colleagues but in Zambia we are very lazy! We don’t want to work hard for the money! We think money will simply flow like rain. To be rich, one needs to multitask and do away with habits like watching soccer all week when friends are busy hustling. If you ask businessmen and women, they put in more effort than even ordinary employees! Once your day should ends at 01:00 and begins at 06:00, just know that you are now working!

– Jealous. It’s very difficult to succeed in our society because the levels of jealous is super high! The mistake we made was during primary when people would pass number 1 or 2 and pupils were grouped from group 1 to group 3 depending on performance. This has really damaged our thinking to a level where we think one’s success can hinder our own success since there can only be 1 number 1. Our jealous is so escalated that we kill other people’s businesses sometimes even without knowing that we are doing bad! Let’s change our hearts!

– Patience. Zambians have no patience. We think that a business can generate money overnight. It can even take 10 years to build an empire! An average business won’t give you money in the first three years. Many of us quit immediately! I have observed how a company on the Copperbelt called Z-Mart has grown. That takes a lot of patience and hard work. Amongst the black Zambians, such is very rare to find.

– Partnerships. it’s very difficult to do partnerships in Zambia because we are very suspicious of each other! Your friend buys a car immediately you think it’s from stolen money or it’s from your mutual business. You forget that when you were watching football, your friend was busy working!

– Handouts. In Zambia we believe in handouts. No one can give you money that will propel you into richness! Not even a salary can make you rich. A salary is a source of capital for your business! If you have no ambitions of joining the top 1%, please work and do your thing. That’s also ok.

– Taxes. Zambia has since the 90s experienced high economic and administrative barriers to doing business. It’s very difficult in Zambia to do busy whilst complying with all rules!!! Government should get a single licensor for everything. You can’t take 5 different cheques every month to various government departments when the same money benefits one government. If government can’t trust itself, what about citizens?

– Focus. Zambians no longer have focus. Over the weekend vloggers we’re arguing about the size of the behinds 10,000 comments. An article about wealth creation 5 comments. You are essentially what you spend time on. If you spend time on social media drama, you will never progress! Use socio media to educate others or to advertise your produce.

– Remember just because you are struggling today doesn’t mean you will be rich in the future.

– Self pity. Avoid feeling pity for yourself. The fact that you were born and orphan or not from a well to do family doesn’t mean than you can’t make it. First education equalises then the rest is up to you! If you have no education, you even have a higher chance of succeeding because you will be more of a risk taker. Educated people have too much information that make them risk averse and as such they are comfortable just in jobs!!!

– Also remember that Zambians are good at complaining and hiding their true financial status. It’s not everyone who is broke. You will be shocked the kind of high lives people live in Zambia. Such people never even post this on socio media!!! So ran your race and create your own wealth. Don’t be comfortable that everyone is broke!



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