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Bad Presidents sorround themselves with bad handlers

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The picture only used for illustration purpose only of something bad.

Author: Dr. Edgar Ng’oma ~Philosopher/Political Analyst.*

Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire (NOW DRC Congo, met with the King of Netherlands at his palace in Amsterdam. He asked him,

“How do you run such an efficient government your majesty? Are there any tips u can give to me? I want to help My Country Zaire (DRC Congo).”

“Well,” said the King,

“The most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent and wise people.”

Mobutu frowned, and then asked,

“But how do I know the people around me are really intelligent and wise ?”

The King replied,

“Oh, that’s easy, you just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle.”

The King pushed a button on his intercom.

“Please send My Prime Minister in here, would you?”

Prime MINISTER walked into the room and said,”Yes, your majesty?”

The King smiled and said,

“Answer this riddle. PM, your mother and father have a child, it is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?”

Without pausing for a minute PM answered,

“That would be me”.

“Yes, very good,”

said the King.

Now Mobutu Sese Seko went back home to country Zaire (DRC Congo)to ask his Prime Minister Gen. Likulia Bolongo.

Mobutu turns to his PM Bolongo: Answer this.

“Your mother and your father have a child, it’s not your brother and it’s not your sister, who is it?”

Bolongo: “I’m not sure, let me get back to you.” He asked all his staff in the Office but none could give him an answer.

Finally, one day, PM Bolongo ran into One of the opposition leader Kabila.
PM Bolongo: hey, Kabila! Your mother and father have a child and it’s not your brother or sister, who is it?”

Kabila answered sharply,

“That’s easy, its me Kabila!”

PM Bolongo smiled, and said;

“Thank you very much !”

Then he went back to speak with President Mobutu Sese Seko.

Gen. Likulia Bolongo: “Sir, I have the answer to that riddle, It’s Kabila!!
Mobutu got very angry,he said to his PM Bolongo.

“No wonder Zaire isn’t moving forward, I am surrounded by idiots!! The answer is the Prime Minister of Netherlands!”


Several times you have heard people complain about a particular President and a particular relative.

1. Most times you will hear people say our President is very good, understanding, accomodating, kind and nice, but the problem is that he is surrounded by very bad people, greedy individuals, selfish, cruel who do not want him to allow him to meet people, he is fenced out from seeing people. Sometimes he tells his people that could they call ­čô× for him on a particular citizen but his assistants will get back to him and report that his phone is switched off or it went unanswered when infact they would not even attempted to call that person who the president is in need of talking to.
This example above I would aliken such people as saying, our relative is very very good man but the Germany  shepherd dogs at his house are too vicious and people are afraid of visiting him for fear  to be torn apart by the dogs otherwise if it were not for the dogs people would be fluently visit him because he has a good heart and he is very kind .

Another example people would say that man is a very good person, good hearted , but the problem is his wife ,she is very cruel. People would complain.

The truth is that, this perceived “very good ” leader, husband, relative is in real sense not good, he is a problem because the people he has surrounded himself with, he is actually the one who choose those people around, himself, he brought the Germany Shepard dogs to the house, he is comfortable to work with the people he has chosen around him, he found them suitable to work with. Let no one lie to you that he is a very good person but his people are the ones who are a problem or who are let him down. This Philosopher here disagree with this notion and from today understand it this way that it those leaders who are cruel who surround themselves with staff which make him perform poorly.

All failed African states are lagging behind simply put, because of the person incharge of the nation (head of state lack of choice for the right people around him) . Those who have been successful, they have done so because they have chosen the right people to help them run with their vision.


This advice is a universal one in that it criss-cross all barriers of choice. I mean for a wise leader to be successful he needs to understand that in order for him to be successful in his tour of duty he should select his assistants based on suitability and not based on whether he likes the person which has been the case that naturally it human nature to surround oneself with people we like and are comfortable with. There is no problem in working with people leaders like, here liking should not be the main criteria, liking should just be an added advantage but the main criteria must NOT even be the qualifications (artificial intelligence) but the ability for that person to deliver. Many times in this world functional illiteracy has rendered most governments function poorly because most of our learned leaders fail to apply the knowledge they acquired in school in real life situations. Especially in Africa, we have scientists, engineers, medical experts, Aerospace engineers etc but why are they failing to invent any product to export to the world? Africa instead despite having these schooled technocrats is a consumption continent which produces what she doesn’t consume and consume what she doesn’t produce. In short Africa produces raw material which she exports which is unfinished product and all she consumes she does not produce but imports.

These leaders are not serious, why do I say this? Look at Late President Pombe Magufuli and late Muarmar Gaddafi , how these two Sons of Africa successfully prospered their nations! Leadership which understood how to select their human resource. Every nation has enough suitable people to successful prosper a nation, who once carefully identified with talent, skill, experience and patriotism by a well meaning leader to round them up without looking at their tribe, race, creed or association, religion and without necccesarily liking that person but as long as he can give him the desired result, this world can be made better to live in. Remember that we are where we are today with climate change because of a combination of both advanced Science of stupid and ignorance. It is scientists who have created technology that has polluted the air to cause global warming which has in turn caused climate change. The illiterate and the ignorant citizens of the world which incude both learned/schooled but are exceedingly ignorant about how eco systems work have cut down trees indiscriminately, burnt grass and forest senselessly, killing wild animals without understanding what role they play, rivers, oceans, marine the role they play in sustaining life.

Unless our leaders especially Presidents try out to select the people they surround themselves with using the above proposed methodology this world will crush one day.

Today world learned medical scientists in whom we have entrusted our lives have been recorded on video I watched yesterday thanking themselves saying that they are so happy that they have managed to fulfill what they have been working on for several years guess what?? to reduce the population of the world by 50% by 2023, people will be dieing like flies because of what they have done. I will not mention here what they have done , but just know that they have set up the stage to cause mass population reduction. From a philosophical perspective what is comforting is that we should not worry so much because once we die we won’t know we are dead.

Happy festival season from the African Philosopher.

I submit.

*Dr. Edgar Ng’oma ~Philosopher. (Zambia)*


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