Where is the cheap Saudi fuel?

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Vincent Chaile, leader of the Radical Revolutionary Party, has asked the PF government to explain the whereabouts of the cheap fuel from Saudi Arabia that arrived in the country last month as reported by state-owned media houses.

Chaile says while it was obvious from the outset that the report was a campaign gimmick, taking advantage of people’s illiteracy is wrong.

“Now that the by-elections are over, where is the highly publicised cheap oil from Saudi Arabia? Chaile said in a statement.

“We knew it that cheap oil from Saudi Arabia was just a campaign rhetoric in a bid to confuse voters during by-elections.

“It’s regrettable that our colleagues in the ruling PF are talking advantage of the high illiteracy among the people by deceiving them all the time.

“It not first time we have been taken for a free ride of lies by the PF govt. Where is more money in our pocket? Where are low taxes and where are more jobs?”

And Chaile says it makes no economic sense for the whole country to have uniform fuel pump prices.

“Again which economics is PF using on planet earth. It does not make sense to have uniform pump price of fuel across the country.

“Fuel on the Copperbelt should be the cheapest because that’s where it’s being refined and of course less transportation cost. It’s trendy everywhere less distance from the source the cheaper the pump price.

“Why should Ndola and Livingstone have the same pump price?.Can the PF help us understand on this one.”


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  1. yes, where it at?

    August 27, 2018 at 7:06 pm

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