ZCID backs Mutati’s MMD faction

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The Zambia Center for Inter party Dialogue (ZCID) says it does not recognise Nevers Mumba as MMD leader because records at the Registrar of Societies indicate that Felix Mutation is the legitimate leader of the former ruling party.

The battle for the leadership of the MMD is now in the Constitutional Court, with the Mutati-led faction seeking a ruling that they are legitimately in charge. On the other hand, the Mumba faction argues that the convention that elected Mutation and his executive committee was illegal.

Part of the reason some stakeholders have been opposed to ZCID facilitating the much talked about national dialogue is the perceived failure to resolve the MMD leadership impasse.

ZCID spokesperson Jackson Silavwe has told Phoenix News today that The Center has received numerous queries from the media and members of the public regarding its position on the MMD leadership.

Silavwe however says in the event that changes to the MMD records at the Registrar of Societies with respect to its leadership, the ZCID will revise their recognition accordingly.



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