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We will not pass the budget says Nevers Mumba

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File: Nevers Mumba being welcomed in Solwezi recently

The former ruling party – MMD has vowed not to pass the 2013 National Budget presented by the Patriotic Front – PF government.

MMD president Nevers Mumba announced on Tuesday that his party which has over 50 Members of Parliament will not pass the budget unless the PF addresses the governance issues.

Dr. Mumba addressing the press in Lusaka said the MMD is of the view that the PF government is on a war path to oppress, victimize and compromise the values of democracy for which Zambians fought for in 1991.

He pointed out the ban on holding political rallies, the assault on democracy by buying off MP’s from the opposition and the abuse of the police in fixing political opponents must be addressed if the budget is to be passed.

President Michael Sata has appointed 10 MPs from MMD as Deputy Ministers iin his government without reaching a consensus with the MMD leadership. The Police has also denied permits to UPND another opposition and MMD to hold public political rallies.

“It is in this light that we have advanced our argument that we shall not be willing to participate in the passing of this budget unless these governance issues are dealt with,” Dr. Mumba said.

The MMD leader said his party is also convinced that the constituency development fund should be increased to K5 billion in order to make this budget truly pro poor.

He accused the PF of having presented the budget by taking the same structure the MMD had been taking in the budget.

This may create a crisis in the country especially if the UPND which is in a loose alliance support the MMD idea.

A few weeks in government President Sata warned that if the opposition shot down bills brought to parliament he could dissolve parliament and go for elections.



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