We want to resolve failure of past leadership in Zambia, HH tells Royal Africa Socierty in London

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HH addressing the audience

HH addressing the audience

On Tuesday 31 March Mr Hakainde Hichilema addressed the prestigious Royal Africa Society in London.

The event was over-subscribed with academics, high-level business representatives and Zambian and international professionals crowding into the auditorium to hear the UPND leader speak.

Mr Hichilema addressed the audience on the ‘Prospects for Zambia 2016’. His starting point was explaining that the UPND is seeking public office to resolve the failure of past leadership to convert Zambia’s great wealth into benefit for the people. Failed leadership has let the Zambian people down time and time again, Mr Hichilema asserted.

Arguing that you cannot redistribute poverty, Mr Hichilema stressed the importance of prioritising an economic turnaround for Zambia that would see local and international businesses flourish and, critically, increase employment opportunities, as well as revenues for investment in education and healthcare services.

Mr Hichilema also spoke about governance as a partner to social and economic development, reiterating the need for the new constitution that Zambians are still waiting for. He spoke out against abuses of the Public Order Act.

The address was followed by an extended question and answer session moderated by the Executive Director of the Royal Africa Society Mr Richard Dowden. Audience members posed questions on topics from agriculture and healthcare, to learnings from the 2015 presidential campaign and the prospects of a free and fair election in 2016. Mr Hichilema said the UPND will continue to listen to and share its vision and message with the Zambian people during the next 16 months, as well as to hold the Government to account by presenting alternative policy approaches.


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