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We don’t support LGBTQI practices, denies M’membe

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Socialist Party president Fred M’membe has come out strong that he or his party does not support LGBTQI practices, reports Asa Manda.
But Economic Front leader Wynter Kabimba yesterday said there were only political parties in Zambia that supports LGBTQI practices naming UPND and Socialist Party. Kabimba once worked with Dr. M’membe in the former party called Rainbow Party.
Dr. M’membe charged the reports by UPND on their Facebook page that he supports LGBTQI practices as acts of desperation.
In a statement today from India, Dr. M’membe said his position and that of his party was clear about the matter saying no propaganda will change their position as it is backed by the country’s constitution and his religious beliefs.
“What’s this desperation by the UPND?
At no time have I as an individual or we collectively as The Socialist Party Zambia supported LGBTQI practices, marches, etc,” Dr M;membe said. “And that remains our individual and collective position. That is the position of the great majority of our people, our religious teachings, our cultural practices and of our national laws.”
May be an image of text that says 'UPND 3 3h Follow IT WAS WITHIN THEIR RIGHTS FOR THE LGBTQ GROUP ΤΟ PROTEST, WE CAN'T CONDEMN THEM, FRED MMEMBE The gays and lesbians community in Zamb every right to demand citiz FAKE he feels about the and lesbians protest on Saturday, Mmembe said his Party saw nothing wrong with the protest because those people equally enjoy their rights. "What is there to condemn them? We have no issues with'“It’s very sad that the UPND has now desperately resorted to concocting fake stories – Fake News – on LGBTQI and presenting it as emanating from us,” he added. “We have taken a very, very clear stand on this issue. Our party spokesperson had a press conference in Kitwe yesterday and made it very clear what our party’s position is on this. This was posted on my Facebook page.”
Dr. M’membe who is seen to be the main challenger to incumbent President Hakainde Hichilema in 2026 when Zambia goes to the polls said the UPND’s desperation to push contrary words in his mouths is malicious, mischievous and won’t do. “Let them simply deal with the situation before them as the rulers of our country making laws and administering them,” he said.
But featuring on a local private owned Lusaka Television yesterday, Kabimba who is also former Minister of Justice said as far as he is concerned, there were only two parties that supports LGBTQI practices. He called on the UPND to deal with the matter of LGBTQI practices as it was a political matter than legal.
A woman who led protestors of LGBTQI practices in Lusaka was arrested yesterday.
The issue  LGBTQI practices has always come as a serious issue during the elections as Zambia has identified itself as Christian following the declaration by Second President Frederick Chiluba.

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