Veep’s press aide attacked by uniformed gunmen at home

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Njeje Chizu with the wife

Vice President Mutale Nalumango’s media aide officer, Njenje Chizu, has been left traumatised after uniformed gunmen raided his house in Lusaka last night.

Chizu shared the experience slightly after 22:00 hours through his Facebook account last night, saying three men driving what he thought was a police motor vehicle forced their way in into his house.

He said the armed pointed the guns at him and searched his house despite not having a search warrant.

“One of them who was putting on army uniform and bulletproof forced his way in my house by pointing a gun at me.

“An army officer without a search warrant broke into the bathroom pointed a gun at my wife who was bathing,” Chizu said.

He said after introducing himself and showing the gunmen his identity card, to show that he was an aide to the Veep, the interlopers simply told him they suspected he had been keeping a criminal in his house and were sent by their “General”.

” I was only saved by a brave neighbor who teamed up to stand the ground, they apologized, got my number and drove off.

“I am asking myself too many questions: Has the army now joined police patrols or these could be a latest way of staging robberies.

“I have the car number plate, my family is traumatized, my wife can’t stop shaking. It all looks like a failed robbery,” Chizu said


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