Budding Zambian comic Ndine Emma’s Facebook upgraded, monetized

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A Budding Zambian comic, Emmanuel Phiri populary known as Ndine Emma’s Facebook page has been upgraded.

This comes bearly a month after Ndine Emma clinched a deal to create content for the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

In a statement, Ndine Emma’s Management Fred Kisela said his Facebook page has been given an updated feature of Stars which will allow him to monetize his content.

Kisela said it is with no doubt that content creation in the country is growing hence this milestone will motivate creatives and improve the quality of content as there will be another stream of income for their hard-work.

Facebook Stars is a feature that allows content creators to monetize their video content, photo posts, and text posts, said Kisela.

“Viewers can buy Stars and send them to the creatives while they are live or for on-demand videos that have Stars enabled.

“Facebook pays content creators US$0.01 for every star they receive from viewers,” he said.

Kisela said for creators to be eligible to this Facebook feature, they must meet the FB community standards, pass and remain compliant with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies (FPMP), have 1,000 followers for at least 60 consecutive days and live in a country where stars is available.

According to Meta only eight countries in Africa were eligible for this feature, which included South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Morocco, Sudan and Algeria.

However with Ndine Emma’s Facebook Stars unlocked, It suffices to say Zambia has now become eligible and many more content creators will follow suit, Kisela said.

“Fans and followers can now support creators like Ndine Emma by sending monetary gifts in form of stars,” he said.

Zambian Eye, 22nd November 2022


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