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UPND should square off with PF in parly on Bill 10, analyst

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Justice Minister, Given Lubinda recently, announced that the presentation of the highly debatable Constitutional Amendment Bill Number 10 will go ahead in the Fifth Session of Parliament, to be opened by President Edgar Lungu, this Friday.

Meanwhile, for some, it remains to be seen whether UPND parliamentarians will walk out as they did previously, or square off with PF in a debate against or in favour of the Bill.

In the previous incident, citizens were left divided regarding the walkout, some in support of the move, others against it.

Commenting on the matter previously, National Assembly Speaker, Dr Patrick Matibini said UPND Members of Parliament, who walked out of the House when Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 was being considered three weeks ago, were not out of order.

Matibini, however, pointed out that even though walkouts in themselves do not amount to a breach of parliamentary practice and procedures, they deny the electorate of their full representation in the House.

Apparently, renowned political analyst, Elder Mabhunu says it would be for the benefit of the citizens, if the MPs do not walkout.

He says the main job of lawmakers, as their name suggests, is to make laws on behalf of citizens.

“UPND members should not walk out this time around. They have to debate the Bill in the House, in the true spirit of representing those who voted them into Parliament,” he adds.


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