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Lungu succumbs to pressure, finally denounces tribalism

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President Edgar Lungu who has been under fire from various sections of the society, for allegedly failing to reprimand party cadres who have been making tribal remarks has finally spoken.

This follows a spat of tribal and ethnic sentiments at different platforms by senior party officials with Lungu seemingly mum on the matter.

His silence on the issue saw him coming under fire, with some sections of the society accusing him using divide and rule tactics.

Apparently, without naming and shaming the wrongdoers, using his Facebook page, Lungu called for national unity.

“Our tribe is Zambian. I urge all Citizens, irrespective of our political affiliation, gender, tribe, or social status to embrace our nation’s unity.

“One Zambia, One Nation. I condemn tribalism. Together we can overcome,” he said.

Most recently, PF National mobilisation committee member Bizwell Muutale, was in another tribalism gaffe.

Speaking in Livingstone, Muutale said he was more Tonga than UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

In the same light, several civic groups have been calling on President Lungu to lead by example by openly denouncing and reprimanding party cadres making tribal sentiments.


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