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UPND is worse than PF – Lucky Mulusa

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Lucky Mulusa

Lucky Mulusa

United Party for National Development (UPND) is worse than Patriotic Front (PF), Former Member of Parliament for Solwezi Central Lucky Mulusa has charged.

Responding to a question from a Moderator on the first series of Hot Seat programme hosted on Zambian Eye Facebook Group, Friday afternoon, Mulusa said he would consider to serve in President Michael Sata’s government if the invitation is based on his skills to perform for a national duty.

Mulusa said unfortunate the current invitations by PF to have opposition Members of Parliament serve in Government were based on the ruling party increasing numbers in Parliament.

If President Sata invites me on the basis of my skill to perform national duty, I would consider,” Mulusa said. “The current invitations are based on increasing numbers and I am not available for that.”

Mulusa who was addressing a Zambian Eye Facebook Group of over 20, 000 members said he had lost confidence in the opposition UPND, the party which he had a soft spot.

“Before nullification of my seat, I had a soft spot for UPND. But now their true colours have emerged,” Mulusa charged.  “UPND is worse than PF! At least PF will tell you in your face that they will kill you! But UPND will come to your house pretending to be brothers and when it suits them, they will stab you when you are looking the other way!”

Asked which party between the two opposition – MMD and UPND was more popular in Solwezi Central, Mulusa said MMD was popular. He said the UPND was busy poaching MMD Members.

“UPND talks big but keeps on calling MMD members to join them. All the candidates on the line up are a few days/ weeks/months out of MMD. MMD is stronger,” he said. “But there is also the the candidate factor. No longer will people especially in Solwezi Central vote on party lines – but on candidate suitability. Solwezi Central has always had credible leaders – Mulemba, Sondashi, Tetamashimba and now, Lucky Mulusa.”

On the recently announced Alliances, Mulusa said: “Father Frank Bwalya surprised me when he fielded in Katuba on the back of promises that we will field one candidate. He missed an opportunity to walk the talk. Yes I said I was not going to re-contest. But everybody said they needed my voice back in Parliament. I then realized that I was no longer master of my destine. So I gave in to the dictates of the people to whom I am a mere servant.”

Mulusa said Zambia needs a complete overhaul of political players.

“In the private sector and civil society, competence is the determining factor for for career progression. In politics, clever illiterates reign supreme yet it is the field that determines economic and political landscape! We need to introduce similar values as in the private sector, then politics will contribute meaningfully. At the moment, some people become politicians by accident and are totally lost, but they have to make decisions nevertheless.”

Zambian Eye launched Hot Seat on Friday, January 31, 2013 to enable its members on Social Media platforms interact with Leaders, Politicians, Academicians, Musicians, Sports Personalities and all those who have a following in Society.

The Guests on HOT SEAT are online at advised times to discuss issues of national interest and other topical issues.The next will feature MMD Founder Akashambatwa Lewanika on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 4pm Zambian Time.


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