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A Four in one night Club, a place to have fun in Livingstone

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ayoba night clubAyoba Hot spot Night club is a three in one night hot sport that has different services in one roof.

Ayoba has broken the obstacle of going from one night club to the other as the three bars shelters different night packages meeting every person’s desires.

Live band at Ayoba night club,Livingstone.LIVE BAND

The setup at Ayoba Hot Spot encompasses a night live band on the ground  floor.

The down floor club plays exclusive Zambian Kalindula, Zimbabwean and Democratic Republic of Congo Music.

The live band combines guitars, Combos, English and African drums to play spectacular African bangs.

Insaka inside Ayoba Night clubRITE PUB AND BAR

You can also have a feel of drinking from cool Zambian traditional set up brightened by lamps in the underground block covered by (Insaka) cabins.

Rite Pub and Bar Underlines the international community visiting the tourist capital of Zambia, Livingstone, hence providing the thatched traditional domain for a drink up.

The pub also has its own experienced DJ playing mainly traditional recorded Zambian music by various bands.


Dance floor at Ayoba Night club LivingstoneThe first floor also has in its making a Cocktail bar which is specifically for those who like dancing. This is designed with a sizable but standard dance floor hosted by a DJ good at playing danceable world tunes. Here the DJ has a mixture of music varying from Disco, Rap, Reggae, Rev, and Rhumba and Zambian music.

The good story is the dance floor has big glasses that allow dancers to watch themselves twist their bodies as they follow the musical rhythms.

The reflections encourages one to make various dance styles while they watch themselves.

Upstairs at Ayoba night club LivingstoneTHE EXECUTIVE PUB

Emphasis of finding everything in one roof is also meet by the inclusiveness of an executive pub within the first floor.

It has an open veranda which allows the clients to have a panoramic view of outside while they enjoying themselves.

Ayoba Hot Spot patrons do not have to again walk outside the club to look for food as a Take Away is in place to provide delicious consumables.

The Ayoba takes up to 600 people enjoying the nights in different bars but under one roof.




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