Trump Poised for Four More Years

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Donald Trump, a 70-year-old former reality TV star, is now America’s 45th president [Carlos Barria/Reuters]

Media Divided

Americans are as divided as the media regarding President Trump and the demographics are strikingly clear. If you are a Trump supporter then Fox News fits your narrative but if you pine for the days when Barack Obama was Commander-in-Chief then MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, or ABC are your most likely destinations for the spin that makes you nod in agreement. There is also a fledgling, conservative network, One America News, making inroads to mitigate that imbalance with pro-Trump and GOP broadcasting targeted to those who feel disenfranchised by anything less than complete devotion to the right-wing agenda.

The issue at hand is that there is truly no objective, impartial, mainstream media outlet that renders a Walter Cronkite-like approach that tells it like it is without any cleverly nuanced deliveries. Media companies are big business and they have a demographic which must be served. The paid guests on these networks must confirm those narratives, otherwise, they will no longer be guests but treated as unwelcome visitors. In essence, it is the current state of affairs of the Fourth Estate and any employee not falling in lockstep will soon find themselves persona non grata and out of a job. Independent viewpoints have no shelter and are relegated to roaming a barren wasteland beneath the shadow of a fertile, yet biased, political media landscape.

America at a Crossroads

Legions of Americans shudder at the thought that President Trump has Made America Great Again while others wholeheartedly embrace the dramatic shift over the last three-plus years to America First from what was an increasingly left-leaning White House with Barack Obama at the helm. Donald Trump has one thing working for him and another working against him – himself.

The president is a brass-knuckled street fighter in a Brioni suit with all the finesse of a bull in a China shop. He has none of the requisite political niceties and social graces that are endemic to world leaders and his self-aggrandizement knows no bounds. He is off-putting, narcissistic, and devoid of any semblance of humility. Being right is his sine qua non and any disparate public opinions from his advisors is a virtual guarantee to the unemployment line. He takes the phrase, “serving at the pleasure of the president”, to heretofore unseen extremes.

American billionaire businessman, Mark Cuban, not a fan of the president, had this to say, “Donald Trump has got unlimited number of insecurities. But the No. 1 one thing, I would say, is his insecurity with his intellect. There’s a reason why he always refers to where he went to college and, you know, that, ‘I’m a smart person.’ You know, it may be narcissism. But I think it really reflects an insecurity.”

Despite all of that, he speaks to the people and calls them as he sees them. Even when he’s wrong he often doubles down on his mistakes, much to the risible delight of his political opponents. However, his focus on a strong military, border security, first responders, and the American worker resonates with the masses. Unemployment reached historic lows under his administration and big business adores him as evidenced by the stock market soaring to unchartered new heights before the COVID-19 global pandemic paralyzed the world and crippled economies. Gas prices in America dropped precipitously during his term and while the Democrats focus on thinking globally, the American worker thinks locally, ergo, money in their pocket, and food on the table.

The odds are on President Trump to win a second term and the oddsmakers at the best online sportsbooks found all in one place at Sportsbook Review, are dealing Trump as a -110 favorite while his opponent, Joe Biden, is being offered at odds of +125. Ultimately, Trump is likely to prevail because the Democrat party has gotten hijacked by the alt-left, espousing socialism over American capitalism. This is the loud, proud voice of the Dems but they offer no olive branches to moderates, many of whom would love to see Trump defeated if only to luxuriate in the sublimity of schadenfreude.

Joe Biden is a compromise candidate for the Democrats, as he is an old-school politician who publicly assuages his young, outspoken, socialist constituency while his political history belies that narrative. Yet, he remains viable enough to woo moderates on both sides of the aisle who want to see Trump defeated because they dislike the man far more than his policies.

But ultimately the silent majority, who sit on the sidelines and away from the shrapnel of political discourse, will make their presence known just as they did in the last election. You won’t see their opinions manifest in the polls because many of them don’t participate but when the first Tuesday in November rolls around, they will quietly and anonymously support a man whom they may not like but preferable to an ideology they loathe.


4 Responses to Trump Poised for Four More Years

  1. Donald Trump has discovered a cure for Corona virus while he is in the whiteHouse. Yesterday he announced that if you are infected with corona virus you just inject yourself with Dettol and the disinfectant will kill the virus. American fools who make up 96 percent of his supporters are very happy. They are even calling for the end of lockdowns because they have the cure.
    Oh sorry Trump also came up with another brilliant idea to kill the virus: No scientist has this far come up with such a uniquely fantastic idea except the great Trump himself: blasting the body with ultra violet light from the inside. Most Americans think Trump being a politician is a big loss for humanity. He should be a doctor.

    Donald Duck Trump
    April 24, 2020 at 10:50 pm

  2. Donald Duck Trump – You are of course a dumb liberal who fails to appreciate that this world is being hijacked by the anti-christ liberal trolls and Trump has stood up to these fulls. You watch CNN too much and fail to even understand sarcasm. The agenda of the liberals is just to embarrass Trump at every corner instead of being united against the virus. The actual fulls are people like you who can’t see beyond your nose.

    April 25, 2020 at 12:06 am

    • Adviser, please go cleanse your lungs with disinfectant.

      April 25, 2020 at 12:34 am

  3. Adviser must be one of the world’s biggest fools if he can’t see the senseless imbecile in the white house. Sarcasm my foot! Go do your English grammar. Who are you kidding? only a brainless person would swallow such a lame excuse.
    CNN is not the only media that exposes that racist the whole world except for you the clueless adviser can see he has no brains. Adviser go get drunk on the disinfectant and get your insides lasered with ultra violet light. Oh I forget that is also going to be called sarcasm by your shithole heroe

    Nigger Charlie
    April 29, 2020 at 1:44 am

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