Trump almost triggered World War III?

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By Proinsias Mac Pheadair

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CONTROVERSIAL arms dealer Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher is preparing to release a video thanking President Trump for heeding his warning and advice, that initiated the Trump–Kim Jong-un Summit in Singapore.

Prior to the summit, Shamsher, who is on the list of the Ten Most Notorious Arms Dealers in Modern History, warned Trump to “back-off” from attacking North Korea or the USA would suffer devastation.

In a letter hand-delivered by Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort Jr., the multibillionaire told Trump America would be ‘wiped off the face of the earth’, if he proceeded with his plans to nuke North Korea.

“North Korea is the most powerful nuclear nation on earth and has the capability of destroying the three-million square miles of the USA in 42 minutes 42 seconds precisely,” Shamsher sternly warned the president.

World-renowned arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi had told this to Shamsher before he died in June 2017. Khashoggi had brokered the nuclear deal and intimately knew of the North Korean gruesome capabilities.

Shamsher said he broke the arms dealers’ code – an unwritten law that bond arms dealers worldwide – to prevent war between America and North Korea and avert the possibility of World War III.

“I realized that I was probably the only person in the world, other than North Korea itself, that knew its awesome nuclear capabilities. It was obvious that President Trump and American intelligent agencies didn’t,” he said.

To ensure Trump received his warning, the flamboyant and controversial multibillionaire requested the help of his long-time business associate and friend Paul Manafort Jr., to hand-deliver his letter to Trump. Manafort was Trump’s former campaign chairman.

Coinciding with this, however, Manafort, was arrested, unable to be contacted, and it wasn’t clear if Trump had actually received the letter. To make certain Trump was aware of the facts, Shamsher then sought the help of the King of Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In his ‘behind closed doors’, video report, which reveals details of the lead-up to the summit, Shamsher thanks everyone who helped prevent the nuclear catastrophe and the news outlets that published his warning to Trump,  including The Zambian Eye. He describes Paul Manafort Jr. as an American patriot and hero.

“By Paul’s speedy action he may have helped prevent America from total annihilation, World War III, and saved the lives of millions,” he said.

The video entitled, “Trump almost triggered World War III?” is in the final stages of editing and will be uploaded to YouTube.


5 Responses to Trump almost triggered World War III?

  1. Thank God for people like Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher

    It is absolutely marvellous that there are people like Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher looking after the interests of the ‘common people’ who don’t necessarily want riches and wealth, just a peaceful life for themselves and their families.

    I cannot wait, but I must, to see what he has to say about the American President Donald Trump, whom to me is a joke or as a Zambian reader has already said Trump is a ‘bull in a China shop’!

    I have been fascinated by this man (Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher) since I read reports of his on Zambian Eye some time back. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that he is 73-yers of age, but looks 40 or even less. He comes across as being an honest, caring human being and those qualities are rare.

    Please continue to be honest and tell Trump (or whoever) if they are wrong for all our sakes.

    Thank you Prince Moosa. I would love to meet with you one day. WE would have much to discuss to benefit Zammbia.

    Professor Obani Faruqaziz
    July 20, 2018 at 11:21 pm

  2. May God bless Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher

    It is heart warming and initiates a stronger beating to the heart itself to realize there are still good people on this earth like Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher who extends beyond himself and considers the feelings of others, mostly strangers.

    I lost my only two beloved sons in wars. I died on both occasions. There is no other way I can describe my feelings for them. Although I gave away all their belongings in the hope and trust I was helping someone in need, wherever I look in the house I see their ‘ghosts’ wherever I look.

    I don’t physically see them, of course, but I remember scenes of they sitting here or there and doing this or that. While some people might feel comfort in feeling their children are still with them, I cannot say the same for me. It is total agony and at times and I burst into tears just thinking about them and the dear ones I lost.

    I do not know Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher and although he’s an arms dealer, I feel he is a man with an enormous heart for humanity. I suspect he could have made millions, if not billions of dollars, from a war between North Korea and the USA, but he chose to pull the plug and wash the idea down the drain where it belongs.

    While I may never ever get to meet Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher in person, permit me to thank him though your Comments column for the saintly work he performed in preventing the war between North Korea and, possibly, a World War that was likely to follow.

    People talk about war as if it were a noble exercise, almost fun to be had. Countries, including the United States of America issue medals (worthless pieces of tin) in gratitude for killing other people, forgetful of the fact that ‘other people’ are like your children and mine, our own flesh and blood.

    Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher, wherever you are, I thank you for preventing bloodshed not on behalf of family, which is much too late for my benefit, but for other families like mine. May God bless you with good health and may there never be another war,

    Engineer Obana Shahim Tanveer

    Engineer Obana Shahim Tanveer
    July 22, 2018 at 10:38 pm

  3. If anyone deserves the Noble Peace Award, it is Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher

    After reading this fascinating report basically that reads Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher (and a controversial arms dealer at that) saved America from total annihilation and prevented another World War, I cannot help, but wonder what is happening behind the scenes (including here in Zambia) that the general public never get to hear about.

    Were people aware that World War III was around the corner? – I doubt it. We were all much too busy attending to our families and loved ones or making jokes and having a laugh at President Trump’s expense, not realizing his megaphone rhetoric could have lead us into a war we do not want and will never want.

    If not for Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher speaking out when he did, I’m in no doubt there would have been war. It was heading that way and on fast track. The problem with most people and us in general think wars between one country and another only affects those concerned, ‘and we are safe’.

    Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher underlined in his communications with president Trump, war would not only have been bad for America (not so much for North Korea), but all the rest of the world, which includes us!

    It’s laughable that Trump and his brown-nose followers actually believe President Trump should be given the Nobel Peace prize… for stopping a war he almost created!

    If anyone deserves the Noble Peace Award, it is Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher for doing what’s right for mankind. The fact he prevented war is probably the noblest act a human being can perform and is sufficient award in itself.

    I wish American President George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior had taken a page or two from Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher’s book and the world would be a much better place. Countless tears were shed because of those two and their friend Tony Blair.

    Nadia and Ono Zahidi
    July 24, 2018 at 11:04 am

  4. Trump was just smart enough to do what he was told when given good advise by Shamsher

    One of the reasons why I am a regular visitor to the Zambian Eye website, is not just because of its news-breaking reports that brings me up to date on all that matter, but the comments by the learned readers, which add spice to the report and can be captivating and informing in themselves.

    For sometime now I have been following the news reports of Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher and reading about the struggles he’s faced to prevent wars between North Korea and America and the fear he had that any nuclear conflict might ignite World War III.

    What a wonderful humane and kind gesture from any individual. What makes this even more interesting is that he’s a renowned arms dealer and one would have thought he should be promoting wars to sell more goods and make more money! I’m impressed.

    We are living in an unjust world. For evidence of that, all a person needs do is open their eyes and look around. I read somewhere that President Donald Trump is campaigning to be awarded the Noble Peace Prize for not nuking North Korea.

    Is it possible for the world to get any more ridiculous than it is now? From all the stories I read, it was Trump who was pushing North Korea into a corner and towards war until Dr. Prince Moosa came along, so why should he be given a prize for something he should not have done in the first place?

    The Nobel peace prize most probably would not mean much to Dr. Prince Moosa bin Shamsher who already has so much, but if it’s based on the possible North Korean-American war, he’s the one in my opinion who deserves it, certainly not Trump. Trump was just smart enough to do what he was told when given good advise by Shamsher.

    I love Zambian Eye… keep up the top quality.

    Engineer mohiuddin Aziz
    July 25, 2018 at 5:48 pm

  5. Real power is gained by helping other people. Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher has shown this.

    It’s strange how we sometimes look for one thing, but find another.

    I happened to stumble across a news story on Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher. A name I must admit I had never heard before. After holding great fascination for me after reading the first report, I then went on to read another… and another … until eventually had read all of his reports on Zambian Eye.

    What a fascinating man he is. Taking on President Trump is no mean task, but he did and he did it with great style and concern for his fellowman. If not for him I believe North Korea and America would have gone to war. I also believe that North Korea is more powerful than America and if/when we see North Korea dismantle nuclear arsenal, it will be surplus to their needs and not a total clear-out, but who could blame them. They need protection as much as the next country and why should America be trusted?

    For now, I’m grateful to Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher from stopping President Trump from his foolish war-mongering attitude and reminding the hapless President that he’s no longer hosting a silly reality TV show, but dealing with the lives of millions of people hundreds, perhaps thousands of times much worse off than he. And if he is a man of God, he should be performing God’s work of charity not war, death and human destruction.

    Real power is gained by helping other people. Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher has shown this.

    Sheikhnur Onano Jahan
    August 2, 2018 at 9:39 pm

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