Top Hot Spot For Expats in the US

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As an expat, you may find navigating a new and unfamiliar environment challenging, especially if it’s for the first time. The common ordeal that comes with moving from one country to another is culture shock and the need to understand and adapt to a routine that fits your lifestyle in your new home country.

However, the process of moving shouldn’t necessarily be a stressful experience. In this regard, you can always seek USA immigration advice for valuable insight about what kind of visas you are eligible to apply for, as well as the necessary steps you need to take to ensure a seamless transfer to the United States. The real dilemma usually starts once you have already stepped foot in your new home since it might be difficult to know where the best places are and which ones you want to visit first.

The US is home to plenty of hot spots reeking with culture, history, and picturesque views. What better way to gain a deeper understanding of your new country than through its hot spots and famous places? That said, here is a list of the top hot spots you can visit as an expat in the US.

Top Hot Spots in the US 2022

1. The Grand Canyon

When in the US, one of the must-see destinations for all expats is The Grand Canyon. For generations, the Grand Canyon has been attracting tourists and visitors from all over the globe, attempting to take in its majestic, natural landscape. Looking out over the walls of the canyon to a horizon that doesn’t seem to end alongside the looming depth below will be the highlight of your trip.

2. New York

For many people, New York is not only the most popular city in the world but also one of the best cities due to its diverse culture and many entertainment options that it offers. Also known as the city that never sleeps, New York never has a dull day as it offers tourists endless possibilities and options, great food, diversity, and bustling energy.

New York City

For first-time visitors especially, just walking through the streets of New York is like experiencing different movie sets with globally known sites at every turn at once. From the Statue of Liberty to Rockefeller Plaza, to the Chrysler Building, Central Park, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Broadway, The High Line, and of course, the Empire State Building.

Go sightseeing by day, watch Broadway at night, go shopping, go on a stroll, and relax over an amazing meal. With too much to do and too much to see, New York is one of those cities worth visiting over and over again.

3. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is one of the oldest cities in America, a cultural hot spot that bridges the culture and history of the country.

This coastal city was founded in 1670 and, suffice to say, is the dream of every Instagrammer of any travel aficionado. The place flaunts its quaint streets lined with cobblestones, a souther-coastal city vibe, and a unique Antebellum architecture. Beyond its aesthetic, Charleston also has a deep-running history that set the backdrop for America’s Civil War and Revolutionary war, ending with Charleston being captured by the Union.

Now, Charleston is popular for its world-class food and drinks, growing arts scene, and progressive population. If you like exploring destinations on foot, you can find some of the coolest galleries on Broad Street, historical buildings on Church Street and Chalmers Street, and the shopping mecca on King Street.

4. Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains’ dramatic peaks can be enjoyed and appreciated in many areas in North America, but the climate and the small mountain towns of Colorado make it one if not the best place to visit the Rockies. With majestic waterfalls and beautiful snow-capped peaks, numbering more than 50 and an approximate height of 14,000 ft make, Colorado a beautiful area to sightsee and appreciate mountain life.

During the summer, people can enjoy popular pastimes such as hiking, mountain biking, and rafting. In the winter, the snow-capped mountains become a playground for people who enjoy skiing and boarding. After all, one of the best ski resorts in North America is found in Colorado.

Aside from that, you can also visit the towns of Aspen, Vail, Durango, and Telluride. Leaving from Durango, you can take a scenic drive through the San Juan Scenic Byway and the Million Dollar Highway. You can also enjoy breathtaking mountain scenery and explore old mining towns in Silvertown and Ouray. There is also the Mesa Verde National Park on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in the southwest of Colorado. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this fantastic park houses incredible Native American cliff dwellings, houses built-in alcoves, and rock overhangs on the canyon walls.


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