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The Bemba/ Nyanja, Lozi saga on TV

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Margret Chisulo

Our view:

We are not surprised with the behavior exhibited by this Presenter called Margret Chisulo. Some Workers have outlived their usefulness that they are taking this public institution like their private company.

It no longer feels proud to work for ZNBC the way it was in the 80s to early 90s. One felt proud to be at this only national public Broadcasting corporation. It’s is now seen as an extension of a ruling political party media wing by Citizens. Unfortunately not even the politician, we mean those in government believe it’s the best platform to use to reach out. This why they turn to the private media.

The Politicians have sunk ZNBC. What that woman did just goes to show how low the standards have been reduced at this tax payer funded Television. How do you just justify that conduct on a public media Television? Do you have to tailor the language of participants to suit your language preference as presenter? Something is seriously wrong at ZNBC. Do they have rules?

We miss the ZNBC of the 80s and early 90s which could put a Minister to account, not the Cadrism and bootlicking married by tribalism happening of late.

UPND must do the correct thing, and not replace PF Cadres by theirs The work environment in these supposedly public media is so toxic. People are not doing what they learn in Journalism School but that which they think will please the Politician.

There is competition as to who is more close to the powers that be than doing the job. Some Journalists have hired themselves to politicians. Editors no longer do their work to assign who should do what assignment. They have no say. Editors have no authority to some Journalists close to the corridor of power. They hire themselves to politicians to cover them.

You should prove us wrong check there are certain names who are exclusive assigned to cover certain Ministers and certain State events. They report that which their sources wants to hear.

What kind of news would you expect on such an environment other than Public Relations (PR) content.

PF started this trend. They even setup a mini media House at State House to employ those who were covering their campaigns outside the establishment provision.

We remember how then President Michael SATA ordered that an office for Photographers be established at State House to accommodate some Photographers who were covering his campaigns from then Post Newspaper. This was a difficult undertaking as this was not enshrined in State House establishment. The two Photographers, Sata’s and his wife.

The two Photographers had to be employed by ZANIS and then seconded to State House. They were employed without following laid down civil service procedure, no advert, no interviews. ZANIS the organization with a full establishment setup to cover government programs including State House was cut off. No Photographer for presidential trips especially outside the country from ZANIS. Journalists who allined themselves with the parte as they called it were handpicked and attached to cover the President. The Vice president and some Ministers followed suit. This was the beginning of what you see today exclusive Journalists for the president, Ministers and State events.
The situation continued with Edgar Lungu and has continued under the UPND and we expect professionalism under such environment? Sad it looks this is spreading to some private media houses. The source decides who should cover them.

So for us this incidence is just one of the deep-rooted problem in many public institutions.

As a professional working for a public media which is expected to promote unite, she must have been sensitive on this issue of language. She must have known that currently in Zambia there is only one official language which is English and not any other. The deliberatel move to try make other languages to be supreme than others is fertile soil for divisions.

This is why seven major languages were identified and programmes introduced on ZNBC. It was wrong for Magret to tell the Caller on an English programme to use her preferred languages.

This is why we feel even the bringing back of One Zambia One Nation on ZNBC after news is a mockery by Politicians. If they were serious or this has to be meanful then they must practice that which they preach.

If you can’t bring sanity at ZNBC then better to pravatise it.

Zambian Eye, 3rd May, 2024.


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