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Alebwelelapo, will he survive Imingalato?

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Our view:

The PF seem set to flout or run with Edgar Lungu for 2026 elections. But the big question is, how will he survive IMINGALATO. It looks Hakainde Hichilema has vowed never to allow Alebwelelapo back to government. His name is mostly likely not even be allowed to be on the ballot.

A scheme has been put in place to ensure most of the opponents who are in court are knocked out of the race. The competition for 2026 election is already open and unfortunately the opposition seem to see it.

As of today most if not all the notable political figures are facing different charges in court. The main opposition PF has been taken over to ensure it doesn’t ever rise to power again. While this has never happened before but those with authority has exercised restrance.

Levy Mwanawasa talked his political rival when they met face to face after 15 years, “you will never be president of Zambia over my body.” This was when the two met at Electoral Commission of Zambia presidential candidates meeting just before the 2006 tripartite elections. Sata lost those election he claimed had won.

In 2011 efforts to block SATA from contesting using the degree clause failed as he beat the system. He had a degree. This was too late for MMD to do anything.

When President Rupiah Banda was told Sata had won the election. He couldn’t believe it because we understand he relied so much on the party intelligence that the state.

Sata had posited himself both locally and international. He made the west believe he was anti-China which Banda had gone to bed with allowing 2 billion in investment. US and UK didn’t like this and to back Sata although they didn’t believe in him.

The support at home and in Washington could not make Rupiah to Sata that night of 2011. He talked to the Chair at ECZ and the top Intelligence and was advised nothing could be done as the country would burn. Rupiah restrained despite the small difference vote that separated him and Sata.

Fast-forward to 2021, the PF under Lungu tried to block Hakainde using among issues the Kalomo farm case involving the Hatembo. There was a strong view in the PF that there was no need to block Hakainde because he had already lost the election.

Lungu and his team thought the sontapo wabomba slogan used in 2016 basing their campaigns on the mass infrastructure development was enough to beat Hakainde. They were also blinded with ethenic voting. They relied so much on past voting pattern and played tribal campaign which they thought would make them sweep through 2021.

How can he win elections with three provinces? One of the PF Election strategist asked. But when reminded that Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces would be influenced by the cost of living. He compared the situation to the woman in marriage who is going through problems but still hangs on. He undermined the situation. Lungu only had one virtual rally on the eve of the election. They took the election so light.

The voting day was a shocker. The huge turn up in the UPND stronghold, Lusaka and Copperbelt was the message enough that people wanted to speak through the ballot.

By the time results starting coming out with UPND putting up a vigilant monitoring with propaganda of vote-rigging which saw the PF Chair for North Western province being killed in cold blood. It was clear that nothing would be done to stop Hakainde. It was either let him win or have the country burn. The state system had shifted.

It was too late to do anything. The PF had to swallow their words to allow the man they had said would never rule take the state mantle. The transition was made smooth by Rupiah who brought the two political rivals together.

Hakainde is aware of this history and it looks the game would not be allowed to be played to the finals. The opponents will be knocked out before the game. Who surrounds Hakainde, we mean who is in his inner cycle? Are they people who would put the national interest above personal and allow Alebwelelapo? Unfortunate there is no Statesman we see today who would face and convince Hakainde at home.

What about in Washington DC? Washington DC has or is about to move it’s office in Lusaka. It is key in power transfer. How are the opposition relating with Washington DC? Beijing can push in money but has not reached the level of ensuring change of power

Is this a repeat of 1996 which saw Kenneth Kaunda barred from contesting election and his party protested by not fielding any candidate. That was the beginning of the end of UNIP.

The beginning of the end of PF has begun early and it is all clear for one to see. Currently they are not taking part in all these by-election that are all being won by UPND. The dressing rehearsal for 2026 is on course.

The UKA grouping has been denied registration and we don’t see this change unless there is a court intervention. Then all the potential Leaders of UKA are all facing charges in court.

A narrative is being built that there is no opposition or alternative to Hakainde and that he is still being loved by Zambians.

Zambian Eye, 4th May 2024.


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