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The amazing bondwe effect

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bondweBy Asunta Simoloka

The amaranth plant, better known as bondwe locally and also called callaloo, has among the greatest arsenal of nutrients a food can offer.

Both the leaves and seeds are edible and amaranth has a lot to offer beyond the widely appreciated nutritional value of fiber.

Folate, iron

Amaranth contains high levels of folate, or vitamin B9, which is renowned for its unlimited health attributes particularly for women of child bearing age. To begin with, folate increases a woman’s chances of falling pregnant and during pregnancy, folate is used for ensuring healthy fetal development particularly involving the brain and spinal cord, thus preventing birth defects in those areas.

So it is no surprise that folate deficiency has been tied to brain and spinal cord birth deformities. Folate is not the only nutrient in amaranth that promotes healthy development of the unborn baby, the presence of iron guarantees healthy blood levels and adequate oxygen supply during pregnancy.

And at every stage of human life, folate has immeasurable advantages, this nutrient is essential for child brain development and in adults and the elderly, folate continues to maintain a healthy brain and safeguard against degeneration of this vital organ.

Furthermore, folate not only protects against the cervical cancer virus but also stops cervical cancer cells from multiplying.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Amaranth seeds contain sizable amounts of the healthy omega-3 fats which improve cholesterol ratio. Omega 3 fats also happen to have powerful anti inflammatory characteristics, very effective for controlling inflammation. Unmanaged inflammation is an underlying factor in chronic illnesses particularly diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. Improved cognitive health is another positive outcome of an omega3-rich diet. Therefore, lack of omega-3’s results in impaired overall mental function, especially poor memory.

Delays grey hair, fights balding

Amaranth has an amazing content and combination of minerals believed to delay gray hair, fight balding, and keep hair silky

What’s more, amaranth is protein-rich, making it a healthy substitute for meat. Amaranth is also great for managing weight, bone health, fighting off infections, and maintaining healthy eyes. The list of medicinal properties associated with amaranth is simply inexhaustible.


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