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Teaching the Challenging but Essential Academic Writing Skill of Paraphrasing:

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College Student during a lecture at Fairview College of Education in Lusaka. Photo – Zambian Eye.

Learning to write properly when doing academic work is important for any student. In the educational sector, paraphrasing is a valuable skill that students must learn because it allows them to get over a variety of research papers, thesis, projects, and other assignments in a seamless and structured manner. Many students need to research their subject, topic carefully, and then make notes. 

To do that, students are made to go through hours of work to acquire the necessary information and then reproduce it at different levels. It is where paraphrasing helps them to recreate their version of authentic content. Paraphrasing is a skill, but nowadays, it has become way easier with advanced paraphrasing tools and rewriter tools.

In this article, we will be teaching the challenging but essential academic writing skill of paraphrasing in a very easy and quick manner. 

Challenges Faced in Paraphrasing:

As stated earlier, paraphrasing is a skill and requires much practice to paraphrase your sentences and make new content perfectly. Here are a few challenges that most people face while paraphrasing their content:

  • Paraphrasing most commonly means altering the form of sentences, using synonyms or similar words to replace the initial vocabulary, or changing the parts of speech, etc., which is an arduous task to search synonyms and part of speech for each word from the internet and then replace it to make new content.
  • If someone’s English vocab and grammar are weak, there is a high chance that this person will have a lot of grammatical errors in his/her writing which is never acceptable and makes a bad impression of your writing. 
  • One of the biggest challenges that students face while paraphrasing is changing the way a sentence delivers the message. If they can change the words and vocab of the sentence, there is also a chance that their paragraph will not deliver the same message as the original paragraph because of their poor sentencing. 

How to Overcome Paraphrasing Challenges?

Paraphrasing can be overwhelming for some students, but due to advanced technologies, we have got a blessing known as a paraphrasing tool or a rewriter tool that works instantly like a magic tool and solves all your paraphrasing problems on one platform. They truly are a blessing and help students create their assignments and projects without any errors or issues while delivering the right message. 

To make it easier for you, we found out one of the best paraphrasing tools for you to use and recreate authentic content without any grammatical errors. That rewriter tool is a paraphrasing tool by SMALL SEO TOOLS. Let us guide you all about it and how you can use this tool to create the perfect piece of writing. 

What Is Paraphrasing Tool by SmallSEOTools:

Paraphrasing tool by SmallSeoTools is an online sentence rephraser which is amazing for students to create a perfect piece of writing with proper grammar, spellings, and sentence making. This rewriter tool helps millions of students all over the globe to perfect their project, thesis, and assignments. Here are all the features of this article spinner:

Features of Paraphrasing Tool by

  • This essay rewriter allows extended Word Limit and helps you to paraphrase 2000-word text with a single press. Other online resources do not enable you to do so, since most other tools have a maximum limit of 1000 words.
  • This online paraphrasing tool offers high-quality, cost-free content paraphrase online services. Plus, this tool/service will stay free, regardless of the number of times you use it every day. However, several of the other online resources also offer you easy and advanced paraphrasing solutions, but that can only be accessed at a fixed price or monthly fee.
  • This tool also makes shifts to a great essay rewriter where you can copy-paste your existing essay, and it will instantly rewrite it for you, changing vocabulary and way of sentencing and making it unique than ever. 
  • The best thing about this paraphrasing tool is that it changes the content but keeps the context reserved. In simple words, it makes your content unique while making sure that it delivers the same message as before. This article spinner finds out synonyms taking into account the meaning of your content. 
  • Any text you enter in this rewriter tool will not be retained or misused by the website because it protects the privacy of all their users. The text you enter is deleted from the libraries of this paraphrasing tool as soon as the paraphrasing is over.


It can be difficult for students to completely convert a piece of writing if they do not have a command in the language, and most students are fully aware that paraphrase is necessary, and that excessive text copying is a major problem that can lead to plagiarism, but they don’t know how and what paraphrasing tools to use. We hope this article will help you learn the challenging skill of paraphrasing and also about one of the best rewriter tool.


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