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State Agents “abduct” Archbishop Mpundu

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Zambia’s most ardent Human Rights and Good Governance Advocate, Emeritus Archbishop Teresphore Mpundu has been allegedly abducted by a named Permanent Secretary and some suspected State Agents.

Zambia Whistleblower reports that Archbishop Mpundu was being prevented from addressing the Nation through a press conference.

In an article below, published Tuesday evening monitored by Zambian Eye, Zambian Whistleblower reveals that the State did not want the Archbishop who heads a Civil Right Governance grouping called OCIDA to talk the ills of the government when the visiting International Monitory Fund Managing Director was in the country.


Good Evening Countrywomen and men.

It is with great sadness that The Zambian Whistleblower is tonight disclosing some disturbing developments in the life of one of Zambia’s most ardent Human Rights and Good Governance Advocate, Emeritus Archbishop Teresphore Mpundu.

You must be all aware by now that His Grace Archbishop Terespore Mpundu was blocked from delivering his OCIDA State of the Nation address and we humbly published those reasons here including the statement itself.


Apparently President Hakainde Hichilema’s government was extremely apprehensive about Bishop Mpundu delivering the OCIDA State of the Nation address just before the arrival of The International Monetory Fund ( IMF) Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva.

We had earlier explained how Cabinet Office Permanent Secretary Mwamba Peni telephoned Bishop Mpundu to direct him to call off the address.

Eish,! you need to know this it did not end there.


After Bishop Mpundu defiled all attempts to block him from releasing the Statement on behalf of OCIDA, Mr. Mwamba Peni with three others unknown drove to Bishop Mpundu’s residence whom now we are told is his uncle, picked up and drove him to a destination near The Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

At this place, The Bishop was demobilised and could not contact anyone despite his phones being on.

However, he was left captive in a well furnished apartment with a provision of supplies to last him the period the IMF boss would be in the country.

We do not know the specific time he was released but this morning The Bishop called ” committed” Members of OCIDA to his residence and narrated his ordeal at the hands of his nephew and three suspected State Agents.

We have to report to you that unfortunately the said ” committed” members of OCIDA unanimously agreed that they keep this information quite until they are ready for another press briefing.


As Zambiam Whistleblower, we believe that the Public Interest aspect of this development is far greater than the need for diplomacy when OCIDA is already compromised.


Kkkkk. We have told you about Mwamba Peni before. Mwamba Peni as Policy Analyst State House during the Presidency of Late Michael Sata together with Mr. George Chella then Special Assistant to the President for Press engineered a similar operation to arrest journalist linked to the Zambian Watchdog.

Unfortunately, even non journalists were affected. Please recall what we said when Mwamba Peni was appointed to his position by President Hichilema.

and the remarks we made on Bishop Mpundu’s role in this appointment. read here


KKKKK. We have written about this company a lot.

We await court appearance suffice to say that Mr. Mwamba Peni was instrumental in a similar abduction of someone who was mistaken for Thomas Allan Zgambo.


It seems very much an issue of bad Karma.

At the time you wined and dined with the Patriotic Front ( PF) and turned a blind eye to what Mwamba Peni did to us, you did not see that this could happen to you.

We forgive you because you are not God but we will fight for you as a citizen.


The Zambian Whistleblower has decided to let you citizens know about these developments, so that you are aware of what President Hichilema’s government is doing in their name and with their mandate.

For us as Zambian Whistleblower, HH and his government have crossed THE RED LINE.
“You are own your own “


Zambian Whistleblower


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