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Simple exercises to relieve stress and tension

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We live in times when stress is not an exception to the rule, it is our constant internal state. Those who work are stressed about their deadlines and difficult tasks. Students are worried about their academic performance. Actually, there are a lot of causes of stress.

The first cause of stress is that we are always rushing, running, but, more often than not, we don’t have time. The second cause, which has made our time perfect for the development of stress and overstrains, is the development of mass media and the long-awaited unification of the planet under the aegis of the Internet. Fish living in water do not notice the water around them. In the same way, we do not notice the colossal flow of information, which is a 24/7 model that falls on us from all sides.

Note that stress is not a normal state. If we recognize the problem – the abnormality of our inner state due to stress – we have taken the first and most important step. Then it’s just a matter of effective techniques and internal discipline. So, put aside the work you brought home to finish or pay someone to do research paper if you are a student, and let’s move directly to the techniques.


Aromas surround us everywhere. And although aromatherapy is not a serious section of medicine, the smell of many plants is pleasant for us. It is an excellent method, as long as you know your preferences. The same usable lavender in one person can cause a standard relaxation, while in another – allergies or a banal aversion. If you like a leisurely methodical choice, aromatherapy will give you a lot of happy moments. Experiment!

Visualization of objects

With the help of our brains, we can create images. Consequently, by closing our eyes we can transfer our consciousness into any space that doesn’t exist. It is necessary to fixate on one thing – a sensation, a sound, or a smell. Wait until your surroundings become insignificant.

A change of scenery

Leave your cell phone and all your other gadgets at home, hire the best paper writing service to complete your college essay, buy a train ticket, and spend a day or even half a day in the litter-free nature. You will be amazed at how effective this seemingly primitive method of dealing with stress is.

Working on fears

A never-ending source of stress is constant anxiety, worry, and fear. We are not talking about a single, sharp, and intense fright at the sight of a spider, for example. We are talking about constantly harrowing and exhausting fears like “what if I fail”, “what if my husband leaves me”, “what will I do if my employer fires me”, “I seem to have gained weight” and so on.

Of course, if certain fears make you very uncomfortable, prevent you from concentrating on current tasks, haunt you even at night, affect your level of socialization – this is a reason to consult a psychologist and work through your fears with him. However, there are also psychological techniques for an independent attempt to resolve the issue. Here is one exercise.

You have a new task at work, and you’re afraid you won’t be able to handle it. You ask yourself, what’s next? The boss will criticize, maybe colleagues will laugh. What’s next? Maybe the bonus will be withdrawn, they will no longer assign such difficult tasks, they will be disappointed. What next? Without a bonus, I will not buy the shoes that I was going to. What’s next? Well, I’ll wear the other ones, the old ones. Unfold the tangle of fantasy, keep thinking until the answer to the question “what’s next” is ” nothing!”

Working with paper

These exercises can easily be done at home, in the workplace, or at school. If a stressful state causes irritation, anger, tear a piece of paper into small pieces or cross it out with straight and oblique lines. If stress makes you feel anxious, draw honeycombs, squares, rhombuses, or any other systematized geometrical shapes on paper with a pencil or pen. If you feel tired, lonely, and sad, try to draw a flower. If it is important to find inner peace, drawing circles, ovals, and waves will help. It is necessary to concentrate, to calm down, to remember something – mazes, lines, spirals. If stress is in the initial stage, you can fold something simple from a sheet of paper. Origami is not always a complex animal figurine, it’s quite simple to collect a flower or a cliché airplane. If something doesn’t work, don’t get upset, set one exercise aside, replace it with another – don’t add stress to yourself. And, in the end, remember that it is wiser to work not with the consequences of stress, but with the cause of it. Quit the jobs you don’t like, break up with abusers, don’t communicate with people who are always unsatisfied and annoyed by everything. Preventively talk to a psychologist, go for walks, go out of the city, give yourself a break, and do not forget about good nutrition and rest. Good luck!


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