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Long lasting make-up on an affordable budget

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before afterWritten By Prisca Vendervestas and Edited By Thom Shonga

Long lasting make-up and matte finish on an affordable budget

Being a beautician that specializes in hair, make-up, and clothing, I am always on the look out for latest fashion trends.

I also like to try new products on the market; I am a product junky.

For a while now, I have been looking for a universal make-up primer – one that can be used for the face, eyes, and lips.

Not only should this make-up primer be universal, but should also be able to last the entire day when used on my clients, especially brides; this will save me continual blotting and touching up make-up on my clients.

milk-of-magnesiamilk-of-magnesia1Finally, I came across this inexpensive amazing product called “MILK OF MAGNESIA” or Magnesium Hydroxide.

This product comes in different flavours and is used to treat constipation as a laxative; it is also used in the treatment of heartburn and stomach upset as an anti acid.

However, I still prefer the original flavour, which looks like milk.

This product has been found to be an amazing topical treatment for our skin care. The use of milk of magnesia is an ancient beauty trick, which has been used in theatrical makeup – keeping it in place and matte.

After listening to people ranting and raving for so long about this product, I decided to purchase this product and try it.  It has been amazing on my face compared to other make-up primers.

The product is inexpensive and only cost an average of $10 in the USA and Canada. At this price, am sure that investing on this product will not break your bank account, even in Africa. You can find this product sold at most retail outlets and pharmacy/chemist.

Since I started using this product, I have seen the difference.  I also get compliments on my make-up jobs. The use of this product causes make-up to be smooth and matte. It lasts on the face; you will not even see the usual “T-ZONE” shiny nose and forehead.


1.       It works as barrier between makeup and the skin as well as keeping water and moisture in

while keeping the germs and toxins out.

2.       It helps clear acne and improves the skin texture (not to use every day)

3.       Anti-Inflammatory and calming to the skin (can make your skin feel very dry)

4.       All over the face make-up primer (make-up stays in place the whole day, smooth and matte)

5.       Controls and absorbs oil/sweat and remove shine (T-Zone area)

6.       Gives your skin a healthy glow


1.       Wash your face and use a clean towel to dry your face

2.       Apply moisturizer as gently

3.       Shake Milk of Magnesia (liquid)

4.       Apply all over your face, eyes, and lips (I put mine in a small spray bottle and spray it all over my face, then rub it in all over my face)

5.       Wait for it to dry for 2-4 minutes and apply your makeup.

DISCLAIMER: Please, you are advised to do a twenty-four hour skin test before applying all over your face. This product may also not work for everyone. Information is based on research and knowledge about the product. I have tried and tested it on my skin. If you


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