Siavonga DC wants Army to help fight witchcraft

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Lovemore Kanyama

Siavonga District Commissioner Livermore Kanayama has revealed he is seeking the help of the Zambia Army to fight witchcraft in a named village in his district.

Kanyama who recently directed the taking down of political party flags now says he will implement the request by a village Headman to have the Army help in fighting witchcraft.

This is contained in a statement below by Kanyama made available to Zambian Eye:

The witchcraft practice that was earlier reported in which 15 pupils of Chimata village in siavonga district in Chief Sinadambwe area of Southern province has continued with the number now increasing.

The witchcraft practice in the area has now been extended to elderly people who are now running mud destroying houses. His Royal Highness Chief Sinadambwe has directed me to ask for help from the Zambian army in controlling the area through beating, and as DC i have no option but to implement the directive.

On 10th December, 2018 pupils ranging from Grade 8 and 9 acted in a strange manner running all over villages like mad individuals and hearing voices calling their names, they were later brought to Siavonga District Hospital where they were admitted and discharged the following day after receiving treatment.

We later took them to men and women of God for prayers where they gained strength and sense. The pupils accompanied by their parents, on 12th December,2018 visited my office requesting to be taken back to their village in chimata, and that was done. The practice of witchcraft has continued ,and this time it has not spared eldely people. Six months ago health workers at Namomba Health centre freed the clinic due to witchcraft.

Lovemore Kanyama
Siavonga DC


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  1. I wonder what calibre of a DC this is, at one time he was saying that since he didn’t have transport he opted to use a fire tender,he also talked if removing all party materials from wherever they were displayed. And now he is entertaining the idea of bringing soldiers to help in ending umfwiti. It is high time we recruited career civil servants for such important positions instead of cadres.

    Eastern Nzika
    January 3, 2019 at 11:49 am

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