Accidents: Msoni calls for road policy

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All Peoples Congress party (APC) has called for a comprehensive data collection of drivers in order to help identify the main causes of road traffic accidents.
Commenting on the recent road fatal accidents that claimed several lives among them that of a Doctor, APC president Nason Msoni said the lack of comprehensive database has allowed some serial offenders continue to use the roads when they should not.
He explained that data was an important tool that would help identify and isolate the causes in order to quickly take remedial measures.
“The lack of a comprehensive database to fingerprint perpetrators quickly enables serial offenders to obtain a new driver licence and go back on the road soon after causing carnage.

“Data is an absolutely important tool to help isolate and identify the causes and take remedial measures quickly.

“The database, for instance, can tell us whether the majority of offenders on Zambian roads are in fact the less enlightened citizens possibly lacking even a grade 7 education level. This then would entail raising the bar or introducing further examinations before granting them the drivers licence,” he said.

He also said Zambian roads should be among the safest to driver on seeing that they are among the most expensive to build.
“It is most distressing that in fact, it is the useful and most productive age group of our citizens that are more affected in most instances.

“It is disturbing to note that Zambian roads are amongst the most expensive roads to construct in the world on one hand and yet are the most dangerous roads.

“No one really feels safe at any time when using the high ways and particularly the great north road and T1, T2 southbound road,”he said.

Msoni also noted the lack of government visibility on the Zambian roads.

“The extent of lawlessness on Zambian roads literally endangers every law-abiding citizen driving on these roads. The lack of visibility of government on our roads is striking especially at night as this gives way to total lawlessness.

“it is inconceivable how foreign truckers are tolerated to race each other on our narrow highways with no regard to the other road users as corruption prone Zambian police enables them to get away with it thereby endangering the safety of our people,” he said.

He added “If the government can expand its resources and energies in a similar manner and fashion it uses to pursue, trail, arrest and transport opposition leaders to police stations surely the number of accidents would drastically reduce on our roads.

“We urge the PF government to act quickly and formulate a policy to deal with the serious Challenge at hand.”


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