Rights activists want Sunday Chanda cited for contempt

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Sunday Chanda

Civil Rights sctivists Laura Miti and Brebner Changala have challenged the judiciary to cite PF media director Sunday Chanda for contempt of court.

Chanda, in a lengthy write-up, viciously attacked Choma-based Magistrate Exnorbit Zulu, likening him to a dead fly.

The ruling party official was incensed that Magistrate Zulu, when convicting Henry Kapoko and four others for stealing K6.8 million, had ordered the arrest of President Edgar Lungu’s principal private secretary Dr Simon Miti for being a possible accomplice.

Dr Miti was Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health at the time the theft took place and Magistrate Zulu stated that it was not too late to bring him before the courts to answer to answer to corruption charges.

But Chandra described Magistrate Zulu’s remarks as “unbelievably outlandish and bizarre.”

He argued that Dr Miti was a state witness and could therefore not be prosecuted on the same charges as Kapoko and four others.

Chanda noted that it is extremely shocking that the magistrate charged a person who has never been charged and attempts to convict him together with the people being convicted.

He accused magistrate Zulu of being part of a scheme sponsored by the opposition to attack and discredit President Lungu and those close to him.

But reacting to the write-up by Chanda, Brebner Changala says if Bishop John Mambo and Gregory Chifire can be cited for contempt for commenting on a matter that had been disposed of in the Supreme Court, so should Chanda especially that the matter he commented on was still at infancy as there is a possibility of the convicts appealing.

He said the language used by Chanda is so crude and cannot be compared to the language that both Bishop Mambo and Chifire used.

He further noted that there was an element of intimidation in the language used by the PF Media Director.

And Alliance for Community Action executive director Laura Miti says  she is waiting patiently for Chief Justice Irene Mambilima to cite Chanda for contempt for the personal attack on Magistrate Zulu.

She says the Chief Justice created a precedent with Bishop Mambo.


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  1. what type of a pig is sunday chanda? Whenever he opens his diagonal mouth, its either about hh or kambwili so its high time that this quark should be caned like a dog

    julius mweemba
    August 8, 2018 at 8:47 am

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