Readers View: Prayers and the PF Rainbow frenzy

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2016-07-24 19.01.00By Nicholas Kaponda

I have laughed much throughout out the afternoon because of what was happening in Zambia today.
Some Zambians organized some political prayer campaign to support the candidature of His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the continuation of his party, the Patriotic Front to lead the nation.
I was made to understand that a god gave them some form of a rainbow around the setting sun instead of a word to answer their prayers.
Last year, they prayed for the economy and their god gave them a rainbow but he refused to handle the economy as evidence has shown from the day they prayed to date. Possibly because the economy is too messed up for their biased PF god to handle.
God does not give snakes when you ask for fish, He does not give stones when you ask for bread. When we ask Him to help in fixing the economy or to make peace prevail during elections He would do it if we ask in sincerity. Matthew 7: 8 – 11.


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