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Rains prevent Chipimo and leaders of sixteen small parties to launch a pact

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Elias Chipimo Junior and leaders of the sixteen small parties today failed to announce their coming together.

Spokesperson for the parties said the launch has been postponed due to a heavy downpour experienced Thursday morning in Lusaka.

Below is a statement issued by Edwin Sakala who heads a party called ZDDM.

Forum of Political Parties-FPP
Affiliate of the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue Centre
16th April 2015


On behalf of the 17 member parties of the Forum for Political Parties outside parliament (FPP) I wish to apologize most sincerely for the postponement of the Press briefing which was scheduled to take place at NAREP offices this morning due to the heavy rains experienced.

We had no choice but to postpone this press briefing which was supposed to be held outdoors in the grounds of NARAP offices. A new date will be communicated soon.
Otherwise the whole purpose of the press briefing was to announce a new political order which we hope will change the current dispensation which has turned politics into an “art of demonizing each other” and in some cases “downright witchcraft” of destroying each other.

Politics and indeed all political parties are essentially supposed to exist for the purpose of defending national interest and serving the interests of the citizens but unfortunately in Zambia it has become a stumbling block to meaningful development and a source of hate and division in the nation.

We for example dont find it to be good politics or even media ethics that some tabloids and lady politicians should dwell on demonising the national leaders because this is retrogressive and primitive politics. Zambia needs mature and constructive politics.

It is against this background that we have been consulting ourselves on the future of this country Since the January 20th 2015 presidential by-elections.. We feel the need to do something to change the current status quo which has divided us as a people.

One of the biggest problems we noticed is that we spend most of our time politicking at the expense of development .As FPP we feel this should come to an end and that is the reason why we decided to come together to see how we can work together to develop this country which is endowed with  abundant wealth.

From our discussions, one thing became clear, that the lose that the opposition has suffered during the past elections is as a result of fragmentation of the opposition parties and the general altitude of the good Zambian people who choose to remain arm chair critics instead of making contributions towards making the situation better.

We have as a result given way to people who do not have this country at heart to fill the vacuum. There is need therefore to get united as the opposition and this unity should be for the purpose of developing this country.

As FPP we shall embrace any of the well funded political parties which are shinning on the Zambian scene because of their money for as long as they champion the welfare of the nation and its people and not hestate to castigate them when they step out of this line.  We shall work and accommodate the PF, UPND, MMD and indeed any of the so called big parties when doing right but criticize and correct them when they go astray.

Against this background, we in FPP have decided to come together and shall work together under this umbrella as a UNITED FRONT    without losing our identity. Each party will remain independent in so far as we shall have the goals of our existence.

As we head for the 2016 General elections we shall field one presidential candidate .The rest of us will contest the elections in parliamentary seats with the hope of championing our courses in parliament in the constituencies we shall contest, we will campaign for the presidential candidate whom we shall elect at the General conference at a later date.

Allow me to mention that among the issues that we have discussed and agreed on is the enactment of the constitution. Our stand as FPP is that the government must give the political parties as alternative government to discuss some of the clauses which they believe have been doctored watered down the role of the opposition parties  in the political life of the country.  

A request to meet the minister of Justice for this review of some clauses is being prepared.

And as a way of keeping the political parties fully engaged in the national politics the FPP has decided to assign each political to e focus on a particular ministry that their contribution to national issues can be better informed.

The structures and more detailed developments in the United Front will be communicated through regular briefings.

Yours Faithfully

Edwin Sakala
ZCID Board Representative


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