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President Lungu says some of his MPs belong to Rainbow Party

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Chawama LunguPresident Edgar Lungu has said some of his Members of Parliament are sitting in the House on the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) ticket when infact they are members of the newly formed opposition Rainbow Party of Wynter Kabimba and UPND.

Lungu who is also PF party president says he is monitoring the activities of all the Members of Parliament and is aware of their activities. He has accused the MPs of being cowards saying they should have left the ruling party if they nolonger believe in it.

“You are UPND and Rainbow Party but you want to sit in Parliament under the name of PF. (You are) Cowards! Leave PF alone,” President Lungu said.

The President who was speaking when he addressed a rally in Chawama township to campaign for the PF Parliamentary candidate ahead of Tuesday’s by-election said some MPs who were supposed to attend the rally snubbed him.

He said he is taking note and some Members of Parliament should not be suprised when they are not adopted in next year’s general elections.


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