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President Hichilema throws Mumbi Phiri under the bus

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President Hakainde Hichilema has thrown incarcerated PF official Mumbi Phiri under the bus, saying she has to face the music.

Speaking on Hot FM which hosted him this morning, The President said Phiri confessed having been at the scene of the crime at the time it was committed therefore must face the law.

“I hear there was an investigation on Mumbi Phiri’s case…and our sister said she was there…the arrest of her should have been done before we even came into government because she confessed that she was there,” he said.

He added that both the victim and the defendant need justice served.

“Justice is justice for all, justice for Lawrence Banda, justice for Mumbi Phiri…..why wasn’t she arrested then because she said she was there?…the police did not do their job because there was double standards,” he added.

President Hichilema said everybody must be treated the same adding that the issue here is the delays which he noted as being unacceptable.

“I am a victim of that and we are determined to offload this…we are pushing to sort this out… I’ve been given answers why there are these delays and am not happy with the answers but we’re pushing….one of the ways is decentralization….,” he said.

Meanwhile, there has been calls for Phiri to be tried or released as she has allegedly been held in detention for long without trial.

Some where even alleging that she was being persecuted for political reasons.

It is against the law in Zambia to hold people in detention for long after arrest without taking them to court.


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