Police summon HH in Ndola

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Police have summoned United Party for National Development (UPND ) President Hakainde Hichilema to appear before the Copperbelt Police Division in Ndola.
According to a callout issued by the Deputy D. C. I.O, Gloria Mulele, President Hakainde Hichilema should report to Ndola police on Wednesday next week ” for investigations “.
The Patriotic Front (PF) government has been pressuring the police to arrest Hakainde Hichilema for allegedly inciting people on the Copperbelt to riot over the alleged sale of ZAFFICO, a state owned company involved in the timber industry.
President Hakainde Hichilema has denied ever inciting anyone to riot.
The Zambian government has officially announced that they will sale ZAFFICO by floating its shares on the Lusaka Stock Exchange.


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    Dear President E. C. Lungu

    It is with a very sad and painful heart that I write to you this open letter. Of course, I do realise that under the present political predisposition of your government which interpreting even the slightest utterance as an act of treason, you will find my letter treasonous. But it if you are a democrat, you will not.

    I earnestly appeal to you not to lock up HH once again. More ominously, we learn that this time you intend to kill him. Mr President, please think twice about what you are about to do. HH is totally innocent of the offence of “incitement” which you are instructing your men to charge him with. We Zambians are not stupid and so we do not have to be told by any political leader what is going on between you and the Chinese. HH does not have to tell us what we are seeing for ourselves. Our beloved country is being sold away, bit by bit because you have over-borrowed from the Chinese, and paying back is extremely difficult for your government. Hence the recent spontaneous rioting, but for which you are now blaming a completely innocent person, HH. Mr President, blame yourself and your government’s economic mismanagement, NOT the scapegoat HH. This is nothing but political repression which your government has been exerting over Zambians for a while.

    Please Mr President, do not make the same mistake that the repressive government of Saudi Arabia has recently made of killing Jamal Kashoggi, miscalculating that nothing would happen if they killed him. There has been such severe widespread international backlash over the Kashoggi killing, which is still continuing as I write this. The Saudi administration had grossly underestimated the reaction. What you are determined to do about HH will not only destroy any gains your government has achieved, but will forever taint you personally as his blood will be on your hands. HH is not your enemy, which is what you see him as. He is merely a political opponent who is after the national well-being and sociology-economic welfare of all of us Zambians. With selfish personal motives, your closest fellow policians and advisors are urging you to arrest innocent HH and have him killed. Please show your decisive leadership and say NO to arresting and killing HH because what he is fighting for for of us will be be carried over by those of us your government will not kill.

    Kind regards

    Mutale Chanda

    Mutale Chanda
    November 11, 2018 at 9:13 pm

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