Police have no business policing political statements – Msoni

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Opposition All People’s Congress party president Nason Msoni has castigated the Zambia Police for their swift response when dealing with statements from opposition political party leaders when they don’t exhibit the same levels of energy when dealing with crimes in communities.

Msoni says police have no business policing political statements as their job is in communities were real crimes are committed everyday.

He explains that it has become useless to call the police when under attack but that the police will react with lightening speed to deal with opposition leaders.

“There are so many violent crimes happening in our communities every day requiring police intervention and yet they don’t even bother to respond to the calls.

“Police are nowhere to be seen in many circumstances requiring their prompt action. Now it’s even worse and useless and a waste of  time to call for help from Police at night when you are under attack from Criminals. Most likely they will not even turn up giving the usual silly excuses of no transport.

“In all this apparent failing surprisingly Police is responding at lightning speed to the summoning of Opposition leaders over harmless political statements. We think police have no business policing political statements made by political leaders. It is certainly bad policing antics to be snooping on Opposition leader’s statements with a view to summoning them for further clarity and interpretation,” he said.

Msoni has since called for reorientation for the Police to understand their role in a democracy.

“The need for Police orientation is imperative and a necessary process for our police officers to undergo in realising that in a democracy citizens and political activists are entitled to issue political statements that do not please the government of the day.

“As citizens and political leaders we demand professionalism in our police services.
We reject a police service that operates in a cadre like fashion,” he said.


2 Responses to Police have no business policing political statements – Msoni

  1. Mr Musoni proffessinal men and women in uniform are frasteted. Hence the rilactance to act on crimes. Coz they know the service is infuntirated by cadres whose core value is to fix the opposition. So they preffer to stay back and let these cadres do there work. Them are just documentimg what is going on for future use.

    November 11, 2018 at 10:55 am

  2. Bukapokola bwabu muzungu Wanga. They think they are Lunguz bodyguards PF protectors. They have completely forgotten about the Zambian nation

    Akuna Simpasa
    November 11, 2018 at 1:45 pm

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